Saturday, October 03, 2015

Amsterdam Day Three: Shopping

I went window shopping on our third day in Amsterdam because Rob was still too ill to leave the room and I didn't want to go to the museum(s) without him.  

My one and only Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year.  If I am going to have one, and I am always going to have one, then why not have one in Amsterdam, right?

There are roses growing in so many places. Most are white or the most gorgeous shade of blushing pink. This picture sucks.

Not too far from our hotel, a political statement. 

The walk from our part of the hotel to the lobby goes past the garden.

Going out to dinner by myself.

Pumpkin soup.  Yes, I had pumpkin risotto yesterday and today I'm having pumpkin soup after having a pumpkin spice latte.  Don't judge me!

The chairs at the pub where I had my soup were very pretty.  And there was a dog hanging around the bar.  Made me very homesick.

These screaming clogs are hanging in our hotel room.  I am not sure what to think about these. 

Friday, October 02, 2015

Amsterdam Day Two: Aaaaaaall By Myyyyyyseeeeeelf

Heading off to have some breakfast.  I really love this sweater.

I picked this up for Rob--dry toast, a banana, a whole grain . . . something . . . delicious.

Yay coffee!!!

Another yelling statue!

And another spiderweb!

Having coffee while Rob stays in bed.


Garden topiary

Garden topiary 2

Garden table

Herb garden bed (literally)

Garden fireplace

I'm beginning to think these flowers are changing colors when I'm not looking.

Rob convalescing

We are drinking sooooo much water

 Ready for dinner.

This is where Rob would be but isn't.

Silverware and reading glasses

Pumpkin risotto for dinner which was delicious!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

And We're in Amsterdam

Tuesday evening Rob and I boarded a plane and flew to Amsterdam.  He has a patch to help him with airsickness and I have my books and kindle.  We were as ready for an 8.5 hours flight as any two people could be.  Oh boy!  Okay. So maybe we didn't plan on our gate being the nearly as far away as possible and wouldn't you know that the baggage claim would likewise be nearly as far away as possible.

 The trip started off well enough.  Joe drove us to the airport and, although we got turned around a bit, we managed to get to the right terminal and found our way to our gate.

Rob is always multitasking.  I kept saying I needed coffee and he said he needed water.  See the water he has?  I still didn't have my coffee when I took this picture.

Still no coffee.

There was an exhibition of some of Martin LutherKing Jr's effects, including eyeglasses and one of the books he marked up.  I thought it was interesting to see his under-linings.

They also had a sheet of notes he made for one of his sermons or speeches. I forget.  Maybe I would have remembered if I'd had some coffee.

On our way through security, I was complimented on my hair color.  Rob has good taste in hair color.  Is it ironic that a man who shaves his head is good at picking a hair color? 

Finally! Coffee in hand.  But this message when I'm about to go to a strange country . . . maybe not the best message to be sending, Caribou Coffee. 

We were at our gate 3 hours early.  Good thing I had my books handy!

A glass of wine and some very spicy nuts.  I was sooooo hungry that I ate the nuts even though I don't especially like spicy things.  Rob was able to sleep. I, however, was not.  I watched a couple of movies:  Midnight in Paris and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  And I listened to music.  I slept for maybe 30 minutes one time and another 30 minutes hours later. 

By the time a fellow passenger opened his window shade to look at the gorgeous sunrise, I was exhausted and envious of Rob who was able to sleep so thoroughly.

When I woke him up, however, the air sickness kicked in with a vengeance. 

You can see the patch behind his ear. Rather, you can see the Ineffective Patch behind his ear.  We needed more airsick bags than were provided.  Fortunately we had some generous fellow passengers who gave us theirs.  Nothing quite like sitting next to someone who is throwing up just after you've finished eating a rather greasy breakfast. 

We made it to the car but Rob had to find a bathroom so I was left alone in the car waiting for him and the driver to return. I'm not one to linger around parking garages, even very active airport ones so, I confess, I was a little uncomfortable.  And the car was stuffy so I opened the door for some fresh air.

The weather upon our arrival was gorgeous and there was chocolate in the car.  Life is good where there's chocolate, right?

I didn't even get a picture of the bed before Rob had already crashed into it. That said, he didn't stay n the bed very long.  I'm just happy that the room was ready because he desperately needed to lie down.  Not that it helped.  I mean, I lay down with him but he was throwing up so frequently that I didn't sleep for more than a few minutes. 

Our hotel is super quirky.  I'll share more photos as the trip progresses.  This statue is by the elevators. 

I love Rob and I'm sorry he's sick but I needed to get out of the room.  This is me in the elevator, heading downst

They offer free wine in the evenings and, since it didn't look like I was going to have any dinner (and I hadn't had lunch either), I needed to get away from the smell and sound of sickness.  The hotel used to be a library so there are books everywhere, including in our room.  I found Ten Short Stories by Roald Dahl in our room and took it down with me.

On my way back to our room, I passed this very flowery lighted display.

So our first day in Amsterdam was spent with Rob being sick, sick and more sick.  I went to bed very early but then the hotel manager called around 9:30 to make sure we were okay.  And I was awake until 1am.  And with Rob throwing up every 30-60 minutes, neither of us slept very well.  I really needed some uninterrupted sleep but that obviously wasn't about to happen.  Not on day 1 anyway. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rob's Faith is Stronger Than Mine

Yesterday Rob and I were talking about our respective programs (he’s doing Tony Horton's P90 while I’m doing Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution and Chalene Johnson’s PiYo) and about our fitness goals.  I mentioned to him that I want to be able to do 10 full-body push-ups by June 2016.  He said I can probably do one now, if I only try.

Isn’t he cute?  Anyway, he also mentioned wanting to increase the amount of weight he is using.  Because we use adjustable weights, this is not a problem.  However, I was using 5 & 7.5 lbs and wasn’t sure I was ready to go up.  Not a big deal.  After all, I can simply adjust the 10 lbs back down to 5 lbs easily enough.  But you know, it’s good to occasionally challenge yourself, right?

And that’s how I discovered that not only can I use 7.5 lbs (where I had been using 5 lbs) but I can actually do one full-body push-up.  My form was perfect but the “up” part wasn’t pretty as I oh-so-slowly exhaled and pushed myself back up. 

But I did it!  Yay!

Oh and I promise to have Rob take a short video of me doing my 10 push-ups when I am finally able to do them.  So stay tuned!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Weigh-In and Coloring Books

In my world, this is irony

Weekly Weigh-In

No surprise. I dropped 3.8 lbs (1.7 kgs).  Given that I had gained 5 lbs (2.6 kgs)  on my vacation, I anticipated dropping a few water weight type pounds this week. I certainly don’t expect another large loss next week.  My goal is now 0.5 lb (0.2 kg) per week because I am closer to my goal weight and anticipate that the weight loss will decrease.  By decreasing my goal, I ensure that I’ll continue to feel successful as I continue to work towards my fitness goals. 

This is the longest I’ve gone with progress.  When doing the online boot camp, I had success but that lasted only the 3 months and I could not afford to subscribe to the boot camp after that.  Having a set of DVDs that cost me a flat fee and I can use over and over again without buying more . . . well, that’s just the more logical choice than a subscription that costs more than the set of DVDs.

Of course, Rob would point out that, when you add up how much I’ve spent on DVDs this year, including the DVDs that were given to me as gifts from my children, it’s over what I would have spent on the boot camp so it’s a good thing I found a combination of workouts that works or I’d be super frustrated right about now.

I just need to make time to color
Amazon is amazing, sometimes

While up north, my mother bought me a couple of coloring books (Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest) and some markers.  The book does encourage you to use felt tip markers.  But then I read the reviews and I was surprised to learn that the colors bleed through the paper.  I decided to pick up some pencils while I was out with Kanika yesterday.  I was originally thinking of investing in Prismacolor ones but I didn’t realize how expensive they are.  Ouch.  If I were a professional artist and/or drawing something that I planned on selling, it would be worth the (business) expense.  But I just want a set for hobby purposes so I bought some far less expensive ones and called it a day.  I’ll test the markers on the title page and see if they do, indeed, bleed.  If so, I won’t use them.  If they don’t bleed, I may use them with the pencils to get more nuanced shading and such in my coloring.  We’ll see. 

Taken yesterday evening
First I have to make time

This past week feels like a lost opportunity. In trying to catch up with everything, I accomplished very little.  And I know this is not true, that I did do things.   I packed up a box of books to be donated to the local library, researched a few things for our upcoming trip, spent time with Bibi, with my daughter-in-law, with one of my friends, and, of course, with Rob.  I exercised daily, made a doctor’s appointment, planned meals, etc.  I just didn’t write down any to-do lists and, as a result, I feel like I accomplished nothing.  So today, after I have breakfast, I’m going to sit down with a planner and start getting a grip on a few things.  I have ten weeks to get ready for the next trip, just over six weeks to get ready for some company coming into town, and that’s plenty of time for me to get some things done.