Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rob's Faith is Stronger Than Mine

Yesterday Rob and I were talking about our respective programs (he’s doing Tony Horton's P90 while I’m doing Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution and Chalene Johnson’s PiYo) and about our fitness goals.  I mentioned to him that I want to be able to do 10 full-body push-ups by June 2016.  He said I can probably do one now, if I only try.

Isn’t he cute?  Anyway, he also mentioned wanting to increase the amount of weight he is using.  Because we use adjustable weights, this is not a problem.  However, I was using 5 & 7.5 lbs and wasn’t sure I was ready to go up.  Not a big deal.  After all, I can simply adjust the 10 lbs back down to 5 lbs easily enough.  But you know, it’s good to occasionally challenge yourself, right?

And that’s how I discovered that not only can I use 7.5 lbs (where I had been using 5 lbs) but I can actually do one full-body push-up.  My form was perfect but the “up” part wasn’t pretty as I oh-so-slowly exhaled and pushed myself back up. 

But I did it!  Yay!

Oh and I promise to have Rob take a short video of me doing my 10 push-ups when I am finally able to do them.  So stay tuned!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Weigh-In and Coloring Books

In my world, this is irony

Weekly Weigh-In

No surprise. I dropped 3.8 lbs (1.7 kgs).  Given that I had gained 5 lbs (2.6 kgs)  on my vacation, I anticipated dropping a few water weight type pounds this week. I certainly don’t expect another large loss next week.  My goal is now 0.5 lb (0.2 kg) per week because I am closer to my goal weight and anticipate that the weight loss will decrease.  By decreasing my goal, I ensure that I’ll continue to feel successful as I continue to work towards my fitness goals. 

This is the longest I’ve gone with progress.  When doing the online boot camp, I had success but that lasted only the 3 months and I could not afford to subscribe to the boot camp after that.  Having a set of DVDs that cost me a flat fee and I can use over and over again without buying more . . . well, that’s just the more logical choice than a subscription that costs more than the set of DVDs.

Of course, Rob would point out that, when you add up how much I’ve spent on DVDs this year, including the DVDs that were given to me as gifts from my children, it’s over what I would have spent on the boot camp so it’s a good thing I found a combination of workouts that works or I’d be super frustrated right about now.

I just need to make time to color
Amazon is amazing, sometimes

While up north, my mother bought me a couple of coloring books (Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest) and some markers.  The book does encourage you to use felt tip markers.  But then I read the reviews and I was surprised to learn that the colors bleed through the paper.  I decided to pick up some pencils while I was out with Kanika yesterday.  I was originally thinking of investing in Prismacolor ones but I didn’t realize how expensive they are.  Ouch.  If I were a professional artist and/or drawing something that I planned on selling, it would be worth the (business) expense.  But I just want a set for hobby purposes so I bought some far less expensive ones and called it a day.  I’ll test the markers on the title page and see if they do, indeed, bleed.  If so, I won’t use them.  If they don’t bleed, I may use them with the pencils to get more nuanced shading and such in my coloring.  We’ll see. 

Taken yesterday evening
First I have to make time

This past week feels like a lost opportunity. In trying to catch up with everything, I accomplished very little.  And I know this is not true, that I did do things.   I packed up a box of books to be donated to the local library, researched a few things for our upcoming trip, spent time with Bibi, with my daughter-in-law, with one of my friends, and, of course, with Rob.  I exercised daily, made a doctor’s appointment, planned meals, etc.  I just didn’t write down any to-do lists and, as a result, I feel like I accomplished nothing.  So today, after I have breakfast, I’m going to sit down with a planner and start getting a grip on a few things.  I have ten weeks to get ready for the next trip, just over six weeks to get ready for some company coming into town, and that’s plenty of time for me to get some things done.

Friday, July 17, 2015

I Can Scare a Teeny Tiny Thing With a Woop!

I know it's hard to tell but ouch.

Once Upon a Time

Something I haven’t mentioned to many is that I’ve been exercising with a bad ankle.  I don’t know that I injured it but it has been hurting . . . for months.  I first noticed discomfort in late April or early May.  And exercising, although uncomfortable, didn’t seem to exacerbate anything. I didn’t feel more pain.  In fact, moving kept my ankle from getting stiff.  So I kept moving. It made (makes?) sense.  However, I promised Rob that if my ankle was still sore upon my return from my trip north, then I would make a doctor’s appointment. 

I’ll be seeing the doctor on the 27th.  

 Of course, as soon as I made an appointment, Rob accidentally hit my ankle right on the spot where it was already hurting.  And yes, for those who are wondering and remember, it is the same leg as my knee injury from last year.  Ugh.  My right leg hates me, apparently.  Soon I’ll know why my ankle has been bothering me for so long and what (if anything) I can do about it. I’ll also find out (I hope) if there’s a connection between my ankle soreness and my hip aching. Probably but I’m going to just ignore it all until I have a clear diagnosis and plan of action.

A new yoga mat on PiYo Rest Day?
Morning Workout

JMBR: Day 5: P1/W2
I used my heavy weights more frequently throughout the workout. Saw and felt no reason to hold back.  Especially because today is a PiYo Rest Day.  Plus, I missed my evening cardio yesterday evening because I got caught up in planning out a few things for our trip in September.  You know how it is.  You start figuring out where you’re staying and the next thing you know you’re searching to see what museums and restaurants and other things are nearby.  Before I knew it, it was too late for me to start using the bike because I wouldn’t have finished until after my bedtime.  Oops.

And the Rest of My Day Will Be . . .

. . . wonderfully unexciting, I hope.  We know we have guests coming in early September so the next few weeks will be spent getting the guest room organized and ready.  We did have an exciting moment on the deck this morning when a hummingbird came swooping up just as Rob was pointing to something in the backyard.  It looked as though the bird was about to land on his extended finger.  Needless to say, my woop of delight probably scared it off but it was, for that brief moment, pretty amazing.

Currently reading

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday With Bibi

Saw my friend Love and . . .

Bibisitting = Exhaustion

I don’t know if children are innately exhausting or if getting old is exhausting.  I mean, I had three children and somehow I had energy at the end of the day for all sorts of things.  But a morning and early afternoon with my precious granddaughter and I am undone.  Wonderfully and deliciously undone.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend my morning than with Bibi!  Rob and I read a book to her before he had to head out the door.  We watched Schoolhouse Rock for a little bit and we colored and we looked through books and we played checkers and more checkers.  I explained to her that the way to get better in a game is to play with someone who is better than you.  I think she found that concept confusing.  That’s okay.  I find lots of concepts confusing. 

Still Playing Catch-Up

I still have so much to do before I feel like I’m well and truly settled back in from our vacation, not the least of which is to make a doctor’s appointment.  I’ve been experiencing ankle pain for two months now (yes, you read that right!) and ignoring it because I could still exercise, walk, etc.  But at this point I think I’m conceding that ankle pain should go away and if it isn’t or won’t then maybe something is wrong and I need to see a doctor.  Especially if I hope to walk around a lot on our trip in September . . . and I do. 

Morning Workout

I managed to exercise in the morning before Bibi arrived.  I even took a quick and much needed shower.  I had to modify the cardio a bit even though it’s still fairly low impact.  There was one move in particular that I had to switch up where you kick your feet out.  Since I’m not supposed to ever hop or jump or anything like that, the modification I did was to simply do a boxer’s shuffle.  Simple and effective.  Today’s workout, Workout 1, was a repeat of Monday’s and I continued to use 5 lbs although, to be honest, I think there are a couple of things we did where I could have swapped out for 7.5 lbs.  I’ll give it a go next week. 

(And yes, I added an evening cardio both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thirty minutes and 7.6 miles on the bike both evenings.  Woot!)

I am still working so hard on building strength and I forgot how challenging PiYo can be.  This workout is seriously no joke.  And I know last time I did it, I gained strength for sure, while I improved my balance.  I mean, I exercise with a balance disorder so any program that can get me to do Warrior III is amazing!!!  More amazing still is that today, while doing PiYo Sweat, I was able to do things I couldn’t do when I first did PiYo.  I held myself up in longer, was able to almost extend my leg fully, and yes I even managed not to use the chair for Warrior III more than once.  So I’m feeling super proud of myself and looking forward to seeing what I can do at the end of the 8 weeks! 

my friend Pia.
Another Day in the Life

If I do nothing else, I truly would like to clear off the kitchen table because I feel badly for having trashed it upon my return. Not acceptable.  So today is the day (or so I say now).  I’m also putting together a box of books to give away to the library.  Monday is library day but I’d like to fill a box today with maybe adding a second box on by Monday.  See?  Goals.

However, my most important goal is editing a manuscript for an author who, unfortunately, sent it to me a couple of weeks before my leaving for my vacation.  I was hoping to start and finish it before I left, but that didn’t happen.  I even took it with me on my vacation but my mother was surprisingly attentive.  In the past she’s had moments of busy-ness that left me with time to myself.  Not on this trip.  I’m not complaining.  That need, the urge to connect, is strong.  We love one another so much and when I spend time with her I feel like I am home because I am so very loved and accepted.  This is why I feel so at home here because of Rob’s loving acceptance. 

In my perfect world, my darling children and I would all live closer to my mother. Not so close we could visit daily but close enough that we could see one another more often.  Weekly or monthly.  All of us.  And while we’re at it, let’s move Rob’s family too. 

Oh, and there would be a public library within walking distance of where I live.  And a coffee shop too.  I don’t ask too much, do I?  LOL! 

Did you notice that Love and I wore similar outfits and Pia and I wore the same color too?  You can't see it but my fingernails also matched Pia's toenails.  ♥

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surprise! It's Me, Again!

March 1 and July 1

Surprising Myself

Yesterday I mentioned that JMBR asks the user to do a round of cardio in the evening.  I’ve opted not to use the cardio DVD that comes with the program (which I will be doing tomorrow and again on Saturday) because I knew doing the same workout 8 times in one week would quickly become boring.  And I have to use this particular workout the entire first four weeks.  Instead, I hopped on the bike and cranked out 7.5 miles in 30 minutes while reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. 

So yeah.  I kinda surprised myself.  Not as much as I surprised my family, however, who were all exuding delight over how much I have managed to do in the past few months.  The “Before/After” picture says it all!  (Quick aside—I told Rob that if the only thing my family complimented me on was my haircut I was going to shave my head before my next visit!  Thankfully, they noticed and my hair remains on my head!) 

In March I began with one workout program, added another in April, switched that one out for another in June (or late May) and then swapped out the first program for another which I finished before I left on my vacation, finishing off the one program I had begun in June (or late May) while out of town.  All in all, I’ve done the following programs:

My mother was soooo amazed with my results that she’s ordered a copy of 21DF for herself and gave me money to buy a few more programs.  I placed my order yesterday.  And even though I probably won’t be starting any of these programs any time soon, I am super excited.

But why won’t I be starting these new programs soon?

Me and my mother
Yesterday, I just started Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution , which is a 12 week program.  Never mind that we’re leaving on a trip in 11 weeks so I will have to come home and finish off the last week when I get home.  And my son and I started PiYo yesterday; it’s an 8 week program so I plan on doing another round of 21 Day Fix before the trip.  See?  I’m thinking ahead.

I asked my son how he was feeling, after his first day of PiYo and he said: The entire top half of my body is writhing in agony.  I reassured him by saying that tomorrow’s workout would be shorter (it is) and it’s lower body too so he won’t be doing as much with his upper body.  But I did not at any point suggest it would be easier. I wonder if he caught that.  Probably not.  He’ll find out soon enough. Muahahaha!

Morning Workout

JMBR Week 1:  Day 2
Surprised myself some more.  I didn’t go to get my 3 lbs weights because I was working through with 5 lbs just fine.  And I even grabbed a weight during one of the abs sections.  At this point in the program, everything is low impact so I’m not having to modify much.  I did have trouble maintaining my balance on the lunges with a twist but I didn’t fall over.  I felt great afterwards.

PiYo Week 1:  Day 2—Define: Lower Body
I forgot how I feel after these workouts. They are not easy. Not by any means.  But they feel so good!  I am sure my son will be thinking I’m the craziest woman in the world after the workout but if I can do it then I know he can. 

The rest of my day.

I managed to get all of the unpacking done, although I haven’t quite put everything away.  Hopefully by this evening I’ll be able to say that everything is in its proper place.  I also plan on putting together a box of books to be donated to my local library.  As usual, my mother bought me some books so there are homeless (by which I mean shelf-less) books which means I have to do what I’ve been saying I would do ever since the renovation of the great room was completed:  get rid of clutter.  I feel overwhelmed with the task I’ve set for myself but I know that 30 minutes a day will get me where I need to be. It worked with my exercising, where I started losing weight only doing 30 minutes of exercise, and I know it can work with organizing and decluttering too.  I simply need (and I need to want) to get started!