Wednesday, July 04, 2007

In Which I Share Lots of Pics

I posted a picture of my herb garden once upon a time.

That was about a month ago and a lot has happened since then . . . although if you look carefully you can see that the sage in the upper left of the garden is not much larger.

I am quite pleased with myself that I didn't kill them all and oh my my my how my tomato plants are growing. They even have little blooms of future fruit on them already!

And my basil is blooming too although I am not sure you can really see it in this picture.

I used to live in a neighborhood where my directions included "you'll pass a cow mailbox on your left." The first time anyone came over for a visit they would inevitably mention the cow mailbox because it is quite a remarkable mailbox. In fact, when the owners put the house up for sale, I ached to buy the house so I would have the mailbox for my own.

I think most people thought that when I said a "cow mailbox" they thought I meant a mailbox that was painted to look like a cow or one of those little boxes where the entire cow is the box and you pull on its head to open its front and insert the mail in the cow's body. Something more like this.

Obviously most people have little vision. So back in April, we were driving down the same street where the cow mailbox is and lo and behold, across the street, there is a new mailbox. A dolphin mailbox!!!

I'm rather glad we moved away before the dolphin was added to the street. Mostly because it takes away some of the remarkable qualities of the cow. I mean, had a said, "You'll pass a dolphin mailbox on your right and a cow mailbox on your left" by the time anyone passed the dolphin mailbox they would be prepared for the surprise of the cown mailbox.

Still, I think that a year from now I want to drive down that street again just to see if anyone else in the neighborhood has added a new fun mailbox to the mix.

PS: A big huggy thank you to Rob who drove back through the neighborhood with his camera just to take these pictures for me!!!

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