Monday, July 02, 2007

In Which I Write About My Body I went to see my acupuncturist again today. We went over my tests and it seems that my cortisol levels are out of whack. Basically, I run at the low end of normal until at night when I spike way above normal. I mean, higher than it is in the morning when it should be at its peak because that is when the body is in starvation mode. So basically, it is storing fat when it should be releasing it and trying to draw on energy when it doesn't need it. Also, my insulin levels are not responding normally which suggests that I am hypoglycemic. Average insulin levels in the morning are 3-12. I am <3; but that is not so remarkable. What is very surprising is that even after I eat, when my levels shoud be 5-20 I am still <3. In a nutshell, my insulin, instead of rising and lowering normally spike and drop, spike and drop. Which is why I am hungry all of the time and why my body has a hard time losing weight. There is also a suggestion in the tests that I may be allergic to gluten but I have to take more tests to verify that. Another nearly $500 of tests. As for my acupuncture . . . one needle in each ear, one in each wrist, one in each hand (in the fleshy area between the thumb and forefinger), and one on each leg below the knee. I have a slight swelling in my thumb area of my right hand. It will probably be bruised tomorrow. And this may officially be the most boring blog I have written in a long time. I could have written about my going out to lunch Saturday with Mary. Or about the movie Rob and I watched Saturday night and the very strange dream I had that night as a result. Or even about the book I finished this weekend. Instead, I wrote about my acupuncture and my body. On a good note, I am taking the conium again. Just not quite so large a dose anymore so maybe I won't have as much in common with Socrates. But I'm surey if I put my mind to it I can find some younger man to corrupt. Or men, even! ARIES HOROSCOPE This week July 2 through July 8 Your week picks up momentum with every day that passes until you come to your grand finale on Sunday, when you're graced with a beneficial trine between Venus, Pluto, and your Sun. You'll enjoy the quiet time you experience at the beginning of the week. When Friday rolls around and the Moon enters your dynamic sign of Aries, you should be revitalized. The weekend may bring you a bit of family drama, and your fighting spirit will come out when you deal with a relative. You quickly make your point and come out a winner in this situation.

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