Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In Which I Am Not 100% Not that I was 100%, what with the vertigo and all, but I am definitely not well. Last night I was feeling dizzier than usual. I honestly thought it was because I'd had one too many drinks. (Oddly, I like to drink because even though drinking makes me a little tipsy/dizzy, whatever dizziness I feel I then attribute it to the alcohol. I "feel" better because I can convince myself that the vertigo is merely the alcohol talking.) When we went to sleep it started to hit. I felt cold. I put my pants back on. I still felt cold. I grabbed the blanket. And then the fever. Hit. Hard. No wonder I was feeling dizzy. My body knew something was coming. When the fever broke I finally got up and took my temperature. 100.2 So I am guessing I hit 101, based on how I felt huddled under the blanket, and I am still feeling the residual effects. Weak. Slightly feverish (99 or thereabouts) and needing to lie down and stay there. Which is what I will do for the rest of the day. Starting now. This week August 20 through August 26 You may find it difficult to make progress on Tuesday, as a number of obstacles rise up before you. The best way to deal with this is to not fight it. If you try too hard to push your way through, you may make matters worse. Just go with the flow, even if it means taking an unexpected detour. Getting bad tempered isn't the answer. The Sun moves into Virgo on Thursday, where it joins Mercury, highlighting your health and work zone. This is a good time to gather information and find out the facts.

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