Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Which I Create Yet Another Blog

In connection with John’s Writing and Wellness Connections Conference (WWCC), I have been asked to keep a blog about my health, about my experience with writing as a means of healing, etc. The blog will be directly related to the WWCC website and John has already asked me to participate more actively in next year’s conference. (I couldn’t this year for obvious health reasons.)

I am sure that I will change things as I go along but for now I have a tentative game plan. I will be using this blog on several levels.

One: I will write about my health. This is not limited to my vertigo. This will include my emotional health both past and present. I will cull from previous journal entries as well as write about my present experience, revealing myself as a wounded healer, a scarred survivor, a worldly warrior. This will be the most candid and intimate layer of the blog, the type of writing I have elected not to do online for a long time now.

Two: I will post creative writing. This will include poetry, short stories, unsent letters and other journal prompt exercises. The creative writing will be slightly less intimate but still reveal a great deal of what I am feeling and experiencing. I will pull from my writing from the past while also writing new pieces.

Three: I will share interactive writings. Although this will be the least intimate layer of the blog, it will still be more intimate than much of what I have been posting online. It will include responses I have to things I am reading both on and off the internet as it relates to the overall theme of Writing and Wellness Connections.

I have set up a tentative schedule for myself for updating this blog so that I don’t get too focused on any one type of post. It would be easy for me to just blabber on about how I am feeling from one day to the next without really digging down into why I am writing about it. Almost as easy as it would be to just write about what other people have said and not dig down into why I am writing.

On a superficial level, I am doing this because it is good exposure. Being connected with the conference in such a manner can only help me as a writer to be taken more seriously.

On a less superficial level, I am doing this because John asked me to do so and because he is a friend, mentor, and has always encouraged me to keep writing.

On an honest level, I am doing this because I can. I have done this in the past and I can do it again.

Now is the time. I hope that those of you who are reading this will bookmark the newest blog in my ever increasing network of blogs. If you read something there, please link over to the blog. The more traffic, the better for me and the conference. And now it is time for me to return to the real world and try to get something productive done. Rob has been out of town since yesterday (Ozzfest in NC) and Marc was out all day yesterday. I’ve been alone almost the entire time and even though I am alone now as I write this, I am aware that it is time for me to return to the real world of engaging with other people in my life.

PS: As with the 101 Things blog, I won’t be writing about the other blog here except on rare occasions. Or maybe I’ll do so once a month, summarizing what has been posted to both. We’ll see. As with my life, my blogs are definitely a work in progress.

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