Sunday, August 12, 2007

In Which I Experience Some Serious Disappointment One of my favorite websites has changed how they post things. They used to post images and every Sunday (or sometimes Monday) I would go to the site and read the postcards. I often found them amusing. More often I found them intriguing. Occasionally I found them heartbreaking. Today I went to the site and there it was . . . a video montage. Okay. Nice idea but for me it was not as effective. The video moved from one to the next not allowing me the time I wanted to sit with each secret. There was even one that went by before I could finish reading it (thanks to the vertigo slowing me down!) and that added to my frustration. But what makes this so disappointing for me is that this is apparently how they will be doing it from now on. The site says to come back next week for the next video. *sigh* Hopefully I am not alone in not liking the new format. Hopefully they will return to the old way. Because frankly . . . I would have wanted to sit longer with the first card/secret they showed. I needed to sit with it. But it was gone before I could experience the card fully and after four or five more I just shut down the window.


  1. How stupid! The internet connection in my bedroom sucks so it takes forever to load videos. I wish they'd give you the option of watching the video or viewing the cards.

  2. I too liked the other format. I love post secret and I prefer like you to sit with the postcards for awhile.

    Have you seen any of the books out?


  3. Berriez

    I have seen the first two books but not the third. Not sure if it is out yet but I remember during nanowrimo showing them to other nano-writers and saying what a great resource for story ideas and characters these secrets can be.


    I agree with you. I tried to email the person (per the email at the site) but the email bounced. Apparently, they asked for comments they didn't really want them. Or maybe they just didn't want them from me.

    Fingers crossed this was a one time project and going forward the site will return to the previous way of doing things.