Thursday, August 09, 2007

In Which I Face My Excuses Seeking For Reason

I have an idea for a writing project which I would like to do but I have been thinking about it since May . . . and done little to nothing with it.

I fall once again into the trap of not having accountability, without which I do nothing. If I do not have a deadline or someone reminding me that they are waiting for the next part of my writing I don’t write unless I feel motivated. It is hard to feel motivated.

I wrote a short story the other week. I sent a copy to my mother because I wanted her to read it, to make sure that she was comfortable with it. The inspiration for the story itself was from my mother’s past. She liked it, even in its rough draft form. I then sent it to Elaine and Rob. Elaine because she knew about the idea and always loved it, encouraging me to write it. Rob because he wants me to write write write. Two weeks later and neither of them read it. Elaine is busy with school and work . . . and reading the seventh Harry Potter book. Rob has just been busy. He printed it off and it continues to lie in exactly the same place in the kitchen.

And this is just another excuse. So what if my encouragers and supporters don’t want to read my writing? Should that keep me from writing? No.

With that said, I know what I will do tomorrow and it does not include writing. Instead, while it is still cool, I’ll exercise, do my yoga, meditate, etc. When it gets too hot to move (even with the air conditioning it is stifling by mid-afternoon and even Romanov does not want to sit outside to sniff the air), I will do some cross-stitching and listen to Stephen Levine’s A Year to Live. Perhaps what I need more than motivation and accountability is inspiration.

 Aries Horoscope for week of August 9, 2007 "The face is the most erotic part of the body," says fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Try out that perspective for a while, Aries. Your assignment in the coming week is to enjoy getting excited by faces that captivate your imagination. This isn't just about pure physical beauty, of course. You should also be alert to the titillating wisdom and arousing compassion that are revealed in their features . . . as well as the ripples of inscrutable emotions and the flows of secret knowings.

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