Friday, August 17, 2007

In Which I Write Randomly About So Many Things

I am feeling a little scattered, my mind moving in many directions. I used to post all sorts of randomness in my LJ on Fridays (quizzes, quotes, excerpts from emails) so it seems somehow reminiscent to write something random today. Besides, it will give you, dear reader, some insight into where my head is. (I believe it is still attached but I haven’t looked in the mirror lately.)

One: I received the book SoulCollage in the mail today. In trade for buying this one book, I am giving away three books on crafting that have been taking up space on my bookcase. I bought this book because I belong to a group that is going to start making these cards/collages and I was invited to join in. I opened the book and was a little disappointed that it was not all colorful and glossy. Then, as I continued to flip through, after noticing that there is one small section of colored images near the middle, I came to the realization that having these black and white images afforded me an opportunity to play with coloring some of these other people’s cards in with colored pencils. I think I will use that as an entry meditative practice before creating my own cards. (They do have some of the book's black and white images at the website.)

Two: I don’t really have a lot of magazines and I need lots and lots of images so I think I am going to send an email to all of my GA friends to feel free to horde all of their magazines and catalogues with the knowledge that I will be using and then recycling them. Otherwise all of my cards will be full of images of people meditating and doing yoga.

Three: My daughter turns 25 on Monday. She is not very excited but she never is about her birthday. Quite different from me because anyone who knows me knows that I get very excited about everyone’s birthday, including my own.

Four: I talked with Mary yesterday and I said something really brilliant—Having casual sex with you would not be casual for me. I want to use this in a story or a poem. It is such a good line! No wonder my friends call me for advice. I not only give it to them but I give it poetically.

Five: Speaking of writing . . . there are three projects on the table.

The first is a chapbook of my poems which was part of my nanowrimo experience last year. Although I did not write 50,000 words, I did get a good foundation for what could be a very interesting chapbook. Janice and I talked about it the other day and she strongly encouraged me to get to the next step of organizing it. Right now the fragments are not cohesive, following no timeline whatsoever. I need to organize the fragments into a story arch.

The second is a workbook cum workshop on chakras. Not that I am an expert on chakras but I haven’t found a book on working with chakras that I like so I feel a desire to create one for myself. I have folders to help me organize the different sections and simply need to get started.

The third, The 3-Day Novel Contest, is the least likely of the three because it requires a financial investment which I am not in a position to make at this time. But if I were to do it, I would have to start thinking about plot and characters NOW to be ready for this year’s start date of September 1st. The deadline for registration is the 31st of this month. Under the circumstances, both financial and timing, I am probably not going to break myself giving it a try.

Six: Deleted for personal reasons

Seven: I am currently reading several books, as usual, so expect not only book reviews but, more importantly, some responses to them. At least two of the books I am reading will require a bit of both because they are so dense with information. I don’t want to just read them, I want to share my reading experience along with you.

Eight: I don’t really have an eighth thought at the moment except that I’ve had insomnia twice this week so that may explain why I am so scattered in my thinking today. Who knows?

Nine: Hey! I didn’t even have a good eight so why would I have a nine?

Ten: Seriously, why are you still reading this list when I obviously have nothing else?

Eleven: Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, whatever. I am going to stop now.

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  1. Yes! You're doing a 101 List! Can't wait to read it. I had a hard time making mine as well. It took forever to come up with 101 things. Good luck!