Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Which Romanov and I Have a Reiki Moment I actually posted this on a journaling group yesterday but since I had already posted once here, I opted to wait until today to copy this message to my blog. Last week, we took Romanov to the vet because we felt a small lump on his neck. As it turns out, he had a small sore there where he was possibly bitten and, because he had scratched it too much, it was bleeding. What we felt was blood caked in his thick Siberian Husky fur. It was a relief to find this out and when he came home with a patch of his fur shaved and neosporin . . . and Rob . . . I knew all would be well. Days later, however, there was still slight streaks of blood in his white fur. I told Rob that I didn't think the neosporin was a good idea and rather than do that we should try something else. "Why don't you do Reiki on him?" Rob suggested and thought, "Okay. Why not?" In the past when I've tried to do this for him, he's balked. From a very relaxed sleepy state he would get up and walk away from me to lie down somewhere else. But this time he not only let me do it but his ears didn't flatten out as they do whenever Daddy (aka Rob) put neosporin on the spot and he did this little licky thing he does when he is being pet and it feels soooo gooood! He didn't let me do a complete Reiki session on him without his fidgeting a bit but he was far more patient with what I was doing than ever before. My hands were warm, as always, and could feel the energy flowing through me. Considering that everyone I know (family and friends) know that I do Reiki and each of them has reasons to let me do Reiki on them (whether they are stressed out or suffering from a stroke or even a chronic case of neuropathy) and yet nobody would actually let me do it for/with them, it was nice to finally have someone stay still for me to do it at all. But the kicker is this . . . today is two days later. Yesterday I had noticed that I didn't think it was still bleeding. Rob checked it out last night and said it looks better. This morning he said the spot is finally healing. So Rob, in his flippant sardonic way, made a suggestion that was obviously exactly what puppy needed. I will be giving him a session later today. If he lets me do it then I know he still needs some healing and if he gets up and walks away to lie down somewhere else . . . well, I'll know that he is not only better but follow the old maxim to let sleeping dogs lie. Aries Horoscope for week of August 16, 2007 "Dear Rob: Have your apprentices been composing your column lately? Or have you outsourced the writing to Vedic fortune-tellers in Calcutta? The horoscopes just don't sound like you. They're, I don't know, goofier or something. Have you been smoking more dope than usual? - Lonely for the Old Rob." Dear Lonely: I always write every horoscope, and I never take drugs. In fact, I think it's YOU that have changed. Many of you Aries have been so deeply immersed in mutation lately that you don't realize how much you've mutated. You assume everyone around you is different only because you don't know how different you've become. PS: Some websites with Reiki information. The first is less biased than the others.

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