Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In Which I Am Busy Being Busy

Rob and I got up and exercised. He went to work and I wrote in my journal. Then I typed up some notes and did some housework. Then I typed up a blog, checked my email, posted the blog, and did some more housework. Now I am doing this . . .

What is this, you may ask? This is the rough draft of what may be part one of my chapbook. Actually, there will be four parts, four chapbooks, combined to make one collection. I spread out the various pages on my bed and am trying to first sort out the pages to create some chronology. Then I need to assess it on a visual level, make sure there is a sense of story pacing, etc.

In other words, writing the damn rough drafts was the easy part. Now I have to start assessing what I wrote without hating every line, without grabbing up every page and chucking them into the garbage, without over thinking what I am doing.

Wish me luck. I've never managed to not do all of the things I mentioned in the preceding paragraph before . . . this could very well be a Satia First.

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