Monday, September 10, 2007

In Which I Concede That This Post is a Sell-Out Amazingly enough, Justin Timberlake has gained some serious cool points by saying that MTV should play more music videos. What the hell is he thinking, that MTV was created to show music videos or something? Kids these days! You just gotta laugh. I mean, it isn’t like back in my day when they actually, you know, showed videos. You know, when it was a big deal that Michael Jackson was coming out with a long video for his latest release complete with movie quality make-up effects, zombies and more. Or even when one hit wonders could seem wonderful because their video was so well produced that you went out and bought their dreadful album unaware that they are just another one hit wonder. And do we really believe that the reason Kid Rock hit Tommy Lee was over Pamela Anderson? I’m sorry but I thought she and the so-called triangle were no longer a reality or is this the reality check I never quite know what to do with? Where do you go to cash one of these things? And someone please tell me if Pam’s pussy is made of gold or something because how else can you explain Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fighting over her after all this time. I guess boys will be boys but I would think that Tommy Lee, who has had a long string of truly dazzling women to bed and dump, would have moved on by now. Way on. Like another continent on. Kid Rock? Now I can see his being hung up on losing L’Anderson again. After all, he is not very likely to ever do better even if his next album goes platinum. And when Pamela Anderson is the best you can do as far as a serious relationship is concerned . . . well, that’s just kinda sad, you know. Makes me want to go to bed again and just weep. As for Britney Spears, I truly don’t know what to say. I think the media has been entirely too harsh with her from beginning to end. I am sorry that she chose to strut her post pregnancy body in a skimpy outfit because it just gave the media more fodder for attacks. Okay, kids, let’s play nice. She’s had babies—not one but two! And not so very long ago. You can’t expect her perfect abs to be oh-so-perfect so soon. I didn’t see her performance so I can’t comment on the rest but wouldn’t it be nice if maybe singers actually sang while on stage? I mean, choreography is wonderful and if you can dance then I say go for it but even Broadway choreographers understand the concept of the big dance number not having solo singing going along with the high kicks and fast taps. Yeah. I’m old. What can I say? I actually think that singers should be able to sing too. Shocking, I know. But remember when videos made stars out of non-singing duos like Milli Vanilli who managed to lip sync their way to fame and then into notoriety. Ahhhh . . . yes . . . those were the days. And in the category of “Living Well is the Best Revenge” the winner is . . . Justin Timberlake who managed to outshine his ex love both in record sales and over all success of late. This week September 10 through September 16 This week you demonstrate your big heart and willingness to help others. Monday, the Moon enters your sector of service and volunteerism, and, with your customary flair and desire to get things moving, you spend a lot of time coming up with ways to help out someone you know is in need. You pick up the phone, call agencies for advice, and manage to enlist a lot of support for your associate. That's a great boon for him or her, especially since this person isn't able to do it. Chalk up a gold star for yourself.


  1. What? Singers actually sing? I think you're becoming a bit too revolutionary. How silly of you. ;)

    All the YouTube videos of Britney's performance were deleted before I actually had a chance to see it, which only made my curiosity grow.