Thursday, September 20, 2007

In Which I Confess to One of My Vices I am a sucker for America’s Next Top Model. I don’t think it is intelligent. I don’t think it is enlightening. I just enjoy watching the one hour each week and also enjoy the recaps I find on Television Without Pity. Although usually the updates on TWP are a lot more interesting and in depth. I can’t believe that there was no comment made about how Tyra got up on the table and . . . well, if I were to describe it to you, there is no way you could appreciate the oddness of the moment. (But if you have the time and/or inclination, you can go to the official website and watch what happens when Tyra finds out that one of the contestants does body waxings and . . . well, I really cannot do it justice!) Tyra takes modeling seriously. Very seriously. I can’t blame her. It’s done so much for her and I love how much she is doing with what she has. And it’s all well and good for Tyra to say “You should feel good about yourself” when she looks like . . . well, Tyra Banks . . . but she is not afraid to look a little foolish. Okay, sometimes very foolish. I mean, think about it. There is video of her falling off the sofa of her talk show, doing funky dances, showing off her fuller than before figure and we all know she could, as the producer of the programs involved, ask for these to be left on the cutting room floor. And still, she lets herself be human, look silly, kneel on a table with her butt in Ms Jay’s face and . . . really, you should see it for yourself. So here we are. Season/Cycle 9. I missed a few seasons and even now I miss the occasional episode. I am still surprised (appalled?) with last year’s winner but that doesn’t keep me from marveling at how these girls don’t get that modeling is not an easy profession. I lived in New York City so I’ve seen professional models off camera. It is not often a pretty picture. What photographs well doesn’t necessarily look so nice in the harsh light of day. (Brooke Shields is an exception and I could tell you more about that but why bore you. If you want to know more, ask. I’ll share my short BS story.) I fully intend on updating with my comments on each episode, with my saying which girl I like best. Mind you, my favorite changes from episode to episode and just because I like someone doesn’t mean they will win. In fact, the girl I like least could very well end up winning. It hasn’t happened yet but it could. As of now, I am all about Heather, who is definitely going to lose because she lacks confidence, and Lisa, who is an exotic dancer. Heather has Asperger’s Syndrome, is a self-proclaimed geek, and walks sort of stooped over. I have to back the geek because I’m looking forward to her dropping some Star Wars or Star Trek reference that none of the other girls will understand but will make me giggle with delight. (And did you know that they are making a new Star Trek film which is a prelude to the original show, that has the original C crew in the academy, learning the things that they will learn when they finally and boldly go where no man has gone before? Do you know how excited I was to hear about this? I mean, YAY! No Riker!) And Lisa . . . an exotic answer who says often that she dances in a bikini and did a lap dance right there for one of the girls. Woohoo! More Lisa Lap Dancing! How could I not want her to stay. So that’s where I stand now with my ANTM9 commentary. Stay tuned for updates and images and more.
Aries Horoscope for week of September 20, 2007 In the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, mamihlapinatapai is a word meaning "gazing into each other's eyes, each hoping that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start." If I'm reading the astrological omens correctly, you've been experiencing some version of this poignant deadlock lately. It may have made sense for you to refrain from making the first move up until now, but it no longer does. Get yourself in a generous mood and provide the jumpstart you've both been hesitant to try.

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