Friday, September 14, 2007

In Which I Finish A Book

Of course, here I am, breaking my rule about not writing reviews about books I have read before but I wanted to share at least a few thoughts.

Oriah's book comes closest to any I have read to describing my understanding of the world. Her perspective is very much like my own. My only and biggest complaint with the book is that there is no cd to accompany the guided meditations. I am really getting frustrated with this because so many books I have read lately have had lovely meditations. All well and good but how are you supposed to close your eyes while meditating and read the words in the page? So I went to her website to see if there is a cd available. Nope. No cd available. Grrrrr . . . and typical.

Why not offer the meditations online? Why not just record something that the reader can use to experience each chapter more fully? Perhaps some people would not buy the book, read the chapters. But if more people would experience the meditations I suspect that more people would want to buy the book, read the chapters that lead up to each meditation. I simply cannot imagine this would not help sales.

Perhaps I am naive. Still, Oriah has managed to save me the trouble of writing out what I believe. She's done it for me. I can just point to this book and say, "This is what makes sense to me."

I have another book by the author that was given to me as a gift.  I hesitate to read it. I like The Invitation. I think I just want to sit with the afterglow of what I read for now. It feels better that way.

To read the poem that started it all, click here.


  1. I need to see if I can find that book at Half Price. I love the poem and it speaks so much to me, too.


  2. Dorene

    I'd offer to give the book to you but I think I'm going to give it to my daughter. She won't read it any time soon but since it is very close to the kind of ideals I hope to pass onto her, she is the perfect person to whom I would give it.

    You might try looking for it at the library. It isn't a very thick book so you can probably read it quickly enough. And it is popular enough to be in most larger libraries, I would think.