Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In Which I Have Another Acupuncture Appointment (12/20) I had my acupuncture appointment today. He’d said we would try to do this for 20 sessions and since today is my 12th . . . we are more than halfway through the treatment and I am still bouncing off walls. Sometimes literally. I have come away with some useful information, however. I have always suspected that I am borderline hypoglycemic. He confirmed that. Today I found out that I am very sensitive to gluten and mildly sensitive to dairy. So I need to make some dietary changes. I don’t have to give up dairy entirely but I need to watch my intake. But gluten’s got to go. No, we don’t think that the allergy/sensitivity is causing my vertigo. It’s just that my body doesn’t need to be kicking into trying to block reactions to what I eat when it has other more important issues with which to deal. He also said that. because the problem is in my liver, I have some anger inside. Not anger about having vertigo. Not anger about being unemployed because of the vertigo. Some anger that is deeply rooted in my past. He wants me to get to the root of the anger, to face it and deal with it, wherever or whatever it is. I suppose I will be writing about things in my journal, perhaps writing some unsent letters. I am also rearranging my reading pile, adding a book that wasn’t there before: Anger by Thich Nhat Hanh. I don’t necessarily feel angry. I know that there are aspects of my life with which I am frustrated but I would not have defined these as inspiring anger. Perhaps I am suppressing the anger. On the way home I told Rob that it’s too bad that I’m not an angry drunk because then we could just get me drunk and I could get it all out of my system. He said we could try it anyway, get me drunk, and then push my buttons. Ahhhh . . . Rob’s so good to me. *giggle*


  1. you say "gluten's got to go" so casually! or maybe my life is just abnormally full of gluten...hmm. anyways, if you haven't found this yet, maybe it will inspire your dietary changes:

  2. Wonderful. Thank you so much! I'll have to check it out. But gluten is not going to be easy for me. Still . . . I think dairy would have been a bigger loss over all and the truth is, I have to cut back on my dairy but I'm focusing on gluten first.