Monday, September 17, 2007

In Which I Say Everything and Nothing A hand extended, falls back empty. Such things are inevitable. I anticipated it, made the offer expecting nothing more. The other person will perhaps suggest that the slight was unintended. I’ve lived too closely to passive aggressive behavior to be so easily fooled. I lament the superficiality of online relationships only to see those in my real life fall into meaninglessness. We talk of things that do not matter and emails sent go silent. Common courtesies become uncommon and intimacy loses its touch. I feel unfelt. Questions become void, thrown out into nothing. What is a question without an answer? Silence. And I burn after one encounter. I medicate and complicate the simple. Anticipate that the blame will be laid at my unanointed feet. My hair is not long enough to wipe away the truth. I open my hands so wide it hurts, letting go of what I never held onto. There are times when even I fall silent.
This week September 17 through September 23 Aries You may find it difficult to make progress on Tuesday, as a number of obstacles rise up before you. The best way to deal with this is to not fight it. If you try too hard to push your way through, you may make matters worse. Just go with the flow, even if it means taking an unexpected detour. Getting bad tempered isn't the answer. The Sun moves into Virgo on Thursday, where it joins Mercury, highlighting your health and work zone. This is a good time to gather information and find out the facts.