Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In Which I Share a Little Love

Rob says I spoil Romanov. I say he spoils Romanov. I think we can both agree that Romanov spoils us. There is nothing quite so lovely as the adoration of a dog.

I took this picture of Rob and Romanov yesterday. Rob lay down next to Romanov. The black pillow beneath their heads is Romanov’s . . . a black satin pillowcase with a pillow from our bed. Rob would put it on the floor at night. He never claimed it was there for Romanov but inevitably Romanov would find his way to wherever the pillow was and would lie down with his head on the pillow. Eventually the pillow never managed to find its way back to the bed.

So here is photographic evidence of how spoiled Romanov is . . . and how spoiled Rob is . . .

The truth is, yesterday I found out something that really hurt me and today I am still feeling a lot of ire associated with what I learned. It is nice to be able to share something this loving and lovely even in the midst of my simmering rage. Grrrrr . . . but then look! Ahhhhhhh . . .


  1. Yeah . . . they are pretty darn cute in the picture. You'd never know that Rob can be intimidating to some people. Romanov is just too puppy cute all the time but there are those who are afraid of dogs and sometimes people say he looks wolfish. Romanov. Not Rob. Although when Rob doesn't shave, he does get a little hairy. LMAO!

    Sorry. That was pretty bad but I couldn't resist.