Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In Which I Am Feeling Rather Silly It helps, when writing a blog entry, to actually post it rather than merely save it as a draft. Sheesh! So if you are thinking that there seems to be a sudden flood of posts, you are right. There are. Sorry about that. Also, on our way to acupuncture today I told Rob that I should get a video camera and create a video blog, start uploading the random things that trigger my vertigo. I could take video of my moving my head left and right to show when I start to feel the dizziness hit me. I could take video of traffic merging in front of the car I am riding in or even merging into the lane beside the car because that also causes my vertigo to flare up. I could take video of scenes in movies that make me close my eyes and of the head rolls I can’t do when I do my belly dancing. Then I could take requests to do things to see if my vertigo reacts to whatever the request is. I mean, obviously there’s no point in seeing if riding a tilt-a-whirl or spinning around where I stand would make me dizzy. Obviously these things make anyone dizzy. The goal would be to find things that don’t make me dizzy. Rob thinks the idea is amusing. I figure I’m just trying to get some fun out of something that isn’t much fun at all. Still, I am feeling a little better again. Not a lot better but enough for me to not be stuck in bed all day long. And Rob assembled my recumbent bike so now I can exercise on it. Oh . . . btw . . . using my recumbent bike makes my vertigo flare up and after 30 minutes I was so nauseous I had to lie down. Seriously, if I were to make a video blog of all the things that aggravate my condition, I could update it for months and still not get to the end of this endlessly growing list. *sigh*

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