Saturday, October 06, 2007

In Which I Feel Better and Get Busy Thanks to Rob’s generosity and his giving me his old laptop, I am able to spend some of my Saturday online. Yaaaay! Which is why I am busy reading poems, critiquing poems, and revising my own poems. I signed up for the zoetrope site and so far my one poem has three critiques, which is surprising, to me. After less than one day already so many responses. The thing is, I almost joined a while ago but I had a hard time with how cluttered to the site felt. When I asked others who belong to the site they would tell me that it took a while before you got any responses. It could take upwards of weeks even. I was too impatient for that kind of waiting. But zoetrope is obviously working wonderfully. And on the 27th, I will be meeting with the novel writing group. We won’t be swapping writing yet which means I don’t have to choose a novel yet. I have three from which to choose or I could just start working on another altogether. The choices include:
Loosely based memoir about my running away from home (nanowrimo from the past) Young adult novel on self-injury (unfinished nanowrimo from the past) Novel about a marriage falling apart (nanowrimo from the past) Interwoven short stories, one leading to the next (for the most part, unstarted)
I am probably doing the young adult novel this year for nanowrimo, start it all over all over again. I had considered changing it to first person but I don’t know how well that would work. I also think I know why it unraveled before and I am definitely in a position to make the necessary story changes to hopefully not have it unravel again. In other words, I’ll be making an outline, try not to let the story get away from me as it has done in the past. (Truth is, I also had some ideas that would make the marriage novel stronger and be less contrived but I don’t know if I am emotionally up to dealing with so much sadness.) And next Saturday, I’m meeting with another writing group that does not, at this time, have a focus. There are several people interested in the group who seem to be leaning towards novels but we’ll see who shows up. Whoever is there will obviously have more say about the focus of the group over all than those who are not voicing their preferences. If this group also leans towards novel writing then I’ll just alternate chapters between groups and work on the same novel. No need to split my creative energies between two major projects. Not when I have other things on which I am writing already—like this blog, my chapbook, etc.

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