Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Which I Participate in a Writing Group So let’s see . . . I belong to a novel writing group that will be meeting on the 27th. We are not yet swapping chapters from our novels which is a good thing because I’m still not sure what I would swap if we were. This novel focused group I found through and the group leader said that she would like to have smaller groups meet all over the metro-Atlanta area which is how I ended up coordinating another writing group that will be meeting for the first time this Saturday. We do not yet have a focus for the group, meaning we could be doing write-ins and trying to break through our writing block or another critique group focusing on novel writing or short stories or anything else for that matter. This first meeting will determine what our theme will be. Then there’s where I have posted two poems already and critiqued 20. I had at least three critiques within two days of my posting my first poem. My second poem has not received any critiques in the same amount of time. I am revising the third poem I plan on posting and once I do, it will go up whether I have critiques on the second or not. Which is how I ended up at a writing critique group that is already established and meets Tuesday nights not too far from where I live. I don’t know for how long this group has been meeting but it was nice to meet with some fellow writers, all of whom take their writing seriously. We read one another’s work and responded with comments. I received some advice for the already mentioned third poem and am thrilled to say it was dead on perfect! So there is a lot happening as far as finding writing support goes. Now if only I could figure out 1) what I will be writing for nanowrimo and 2) what I will be sharing with the novel writing group that meets in two weeks.

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