Thursday, October 04, 2007

In Which I Watched But Didn't Care

I woke up this morning, after another night of insomnia, and had no clue who was let go from the show. I remembered some of the pics that were taken. But I couldn't recall who was sent home this week. I figure it is because they were on a rock climbing wall. It was just another reminder of something I can't do unless we get to the bottom of why I have vertigo. Get rid of the vertigo and I can do something that I love doing. Don't and all I can do is watch some girls get pretty pictures taken of themselves while doing it.

So I had to use Television Without Pity to remind me who, exactly, was gone. Oh yeah. Kimberly. I suppose it was the best choice because clearly she didn't make a lasting impression on me. Not her fault. Yesterday I felt pretty horrible most of the day and by the time the show was on I just wanted to forget that the day had happened. Which is also probably why I couldn't remember the details of the show.

I'm afraid of heights, which is one of the reasons I love rock climbing because it forces me to get out of my head and be absolutely present in the moment. Obviously, there were bound to be girls who were scared as well. And they had to do it in heels.

It's not a bad picture but if you look at her face close up, which is what they always do--zooming in to see the face--it is not a good picture of her face. There is something flat about her features because of the angle. If not for that, I think Ebony would have been gone because she is so certain she'll be sent home and her attitude seems like a prophecy.

Jenah had the advantage because she rock climbs and Saleisha, even though she's afraid of heights, definitely committed to the moment and the photo. For the record, Heather was called second or third. I forget. Not that it matters. The judges love her. If she can just remember to hold her head erect, this will make a huge difference. In the meantime, next week is the makeover week where someone inevitably cries and whines about her new hairstyle and it looks like someone is going to have her head shaved. Honestly, I am not even going to try to guess who it might be. Even if I were to guess, I can say with confidence that I would be so wrong that you could immediately rule that person out as the one who gets shaved and narrow down your personal odds at guessing correctly who it will be.


  1. I don't watch, usually, "Reality TV". Rock climbing in heels is an example why.

  2. Well, that is exactly the reason that this is the one I watch because it is so utterly unrealistic, as is much of the fashion industry, that it amuses me.