Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In Which Life is Just Not Fair! I know I said I would watch America’s Next Top Model but tonight a Dave Matthews concert is on television. This is the concert to which Rob wanted to take me earlier this year but because of my vertigo we knew I could not go. And as much as I would love to see Lisa finally do another lap dance or hear Heather’s geek-ism there is no guarantee of either of these things happen and we all know that I’ll enjoy far more listening to the DMB concert. So sorry, but I have to break the tacit promise I made. I know I said that I would do everything I could to ensure that the Sunday NaNo Writing Group would survive my vertigo-induced absence, there is a part of me that is throwing a temper tantrum over this. I started the group three or four years ago. I would be there this year if it were not for my vertigo. And of course it would be this year that a local reporter wants to take pictures, see our names in print, free exposure, etc. Why not last year? Or the year before? Or the bloody year before? Which is why I am going to spend today pouting. I also know that I was thinking about maybe creating another blog. After I made that post I read an email in my inbox about the importance of journaling to help lose weight. I then read an article that said the same thing. Then I joined some online weight loss support group and . . . you guessed it! . . . they encourage their users to keep a blog. Which is why I will be creating a new blog in which I dully track my food, my exercise, my supplements, and whatever else seems to fit. Not sure that this is unfair or even something that tracks along the Fair/Not-Fair continuum. But I really didn’t want to start a whole new post for this blog. So fair or not, I’m dumping that bit of information in this post. And now I am off to exercise (recumbent bike) and then write in my journal about a couple of interesting conversations I had yesterday full of salacious sensuality. It will be quite titillating. Too bad you can’t read it since I won’t be sharing it. That’s not fair? Yeah. I know.

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