Monday, October 01, 2007

In Which My Plans Were Cancelled Once again my acupuncturist had to cancel so Rob and I have agreed that it would be best if we just schedule my appointments for Tuesday. This way Rob won't have to take time off two days in a row. As it is, by the time they call us to cancel we are already well on our way to the appointment so it is too late for Rob not to miss any work. And it is also too late for me because once I've gotten up, dressed, lef the house, and returned, I am dead for the rest of the day. I did some reading. I did some writing. Mostly, I lay down. I started reading Dark Night of the Soul as was my intention for this month. I also managed to cook dinner so I wasn't completely wiped out. So tomorrow will be another lost day for me. Another acupuncture appointment. Another day of my being too tired and needing to stay in bed afterwards. More reading, definitely. Perhaps more writing. Other than that, there isn't much to say.

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