Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Which Rob Finally Gets It

Rob and I have an arrangement by which we take turns choosing dvds. This is good because for the longest time we never watched any of my dvds. Still, with this arrangement we watch all of my dvds that are Disney animated or have Angelina Jolie in them and I'm sure that when Beowulf comes out on dvd I will cream myself.


So yeah . . . enter The TV From Hell and Rob, of course, wants to watch a dvd. Not the day on which we got it, however, because he hadn't yet hooked up the dvd player. Nooo . . . Monday he wants to watch a dvd. Something that will have action and fun shots and . . . we have barely an hour before Prison Break which Rob always watches on Monday nights.

What to do? What to do? Satia to the rescue as I pull a dvd from my arsenal and tada we are watching a dvd that I swear was sitting unwatched for months as Rob went out of his way to choose any movie other than this one.

Which means that I have sucked Rob further into the geek vortex of my life. He used to be a perfectly normal guy who thought that the Rankin Bass version of The Lord of the Rings was great. Who didn't even really think about going to see Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace let alone sitting on line for the tickets. (For which I appeared on the local news! . . . *ahem* . . . )

Anyway, the other day Rob and I went to GNC to buy more of his protein shake mix. He was off doing whatever and I stop because there, on the speaker, is the music from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I looked at the sole salesperson and said, "This isn't GNC music. This has got to be your cd." He looked skeptical, actually asked me if I knew what it was from. I remained humble . . . I simply said, "Lord of the Rings." After all, why show off?

In any event, Rob is now aware of how much more there is to Lord of the Rings than ever made it into Rankin Bass, he's seen all six episodes of Star Wars and the animated Clone Wars, and even is well versed in The Matrix and the Buffyverse.

Oh yeah, and tonight when he gets home he'll want to watch Firefly, which is the dvd he waited waaaaay too long to watch. Why did it take him so long? He says it sounded like a chick flick. As if I, of all people, would recommend we watch a chick flick together.

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