Friday, October 19, 2007

In Which Rob is Wonderful and Just Plain Silly

Rob had a gig yesterday but it was a rare afternoon gig which means he came home a little after 7pm. He picked up some milk and ice cream on the way home and we had a dinner of turkey, mashed potatos, gravy, and green beans.

This morning we got up the two of us and exercised. I was wearing the same t-shirt as the night before. He looked at it and said, "I like that shirt! I like the ribbon on it."

I guess he didn't notice the ribbon on it last night. When I pointed that out to him, that this was what I was wearing yesterday evening (after taking a shower late yesterday afternoon) and that obviously he didn't notice it last night, he sort of stammered. He didn't really have any defense but, after thinking about it this morning, I think maybe he was just a little distracted.

Anyway, we have a busy weekend because the boys turn 23 a week from today and there's definitely some bday shopping that needs to be done before then. Tomorrow we will be out and running around. Okay . . . not quite running. I walk. Slowly. I'm hoping that we can maybe have lunch while we're out. We shall see.

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