Thursday, November 22, 2007

In Which I Am Thankful

It is occasionally remarked that I have remained upbeat and positive in spite of my vertigo/situation. Listen, if I had a choice, I'd pick something different. "What? Vertigo? Hmmm . . . you know, I think I'll swap in the vertigo for a full head of grey and white hair. How about that? Not enough? Okay. Give me a few wrinkles around the eyes. Deal? Deal!"

Okay. So I don't have a choice. I have what I have.

I also have a turkey waiting to be put into the oven and family coming over for a feast. I am thankful. Thankful for my wonderful children and Rob who all fill my life with fun and frustration, laughter and love. I am thankful for my mother who scared me out of her kitchen but taught me to love the alchemy of cooking. I am thankful for knowing that my loved ones are aware of my love, are living in a world that is complicated and contradictory but are safe in the knowing that somewhere out there is at least one person who deeply loves them.

This year we will have all the usual. I am up and already preparing things. Marc will return with his siblings. Rob will finish up whatever it is he has happening at the studio. We will be gathered together to be reminded of the love we all share and then return to our lives a little more stuffed than we were when we got up this morning.

I hope you all can say the same!

Aries Horoscope for week of November 22, 2007

When life gets weird, should you take refuge in decorum and tradition? Should you intensify your commitment to the humdrum? Is it wise to dress more conservatively, act more dignified, and smile more automatically? I say no. When the daily rhythm veers off track into unexpected detours, I say it's prime time to gleefully depart from The Way Things Have Always Been Done. In fact, I advise you to cultivate your rebellious questions and celebrate the unusual impulses that bubble up. They will help you harvest the epiphanies that life's weirdness is tempting you to pursue.

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