Saturday, November 17, 2007

In Which I Finish a Novel I Enjoyed My reading group picked Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters to be our next book of choice and I was thrilled. I had a copy and wanted to read it. Besides, the cover is delightful and I had heard good things about the BBC production of the book. It is a good book. I enjoyed it. Was it outstanding? No. I prefer Winterson's style to Waters' by far. I also found the story to be tediously predictable. Not that when I opened it I knew exactly how it would end but I could have predicted whether it would have a happy/tragic/ambivalent ending or not from the beginning. And at the end of each chapter I was pretty sure that I would know what would happen next. Each new character introduced I would guess what their role in the book would be and I was correct each and every time. Odds are, had I not been reading it for a reading group, I'd not have finished it. That I finished it because of the writing group is an irony . . . because I ended up not going. Mostly due to a lot of miscommunication and even more disappointment. I was told by the group leader that the book will make you blush. When I said I don't blush easily she rectified her warning with "Well, it made me blush." It did not make me blush. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe next time!

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