Friday, November 23, 2007

In Which the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same Flashback a moment to September. I met with a writing group and we all agreed to meet once a month. We were at a location and we met on the 3rd Saturday so I just assumed that once a month meant we would meet at the same location on the 3rd Saturday of the month and that is how it was going. Until October when a week before our meeting another meeting was held with other members of the larger umbrella group under which our smaller writing group had originally met. Same location but because they were meeting to discuss NaNoWriMo and our smaller group was meeting one week later I didn't go. Big mistake. The bigger group dis-banded our smaller group, divided it into two other groups. And didn't bother to email me about it. A lot of emailing back and forth and eventually I was merged into one of the two groups. But they were meeting on a day when I already had plans. I couldn't go. They tried to rearrange things but I said to please not do that on my account. Fair enough. They met without me on the third Saturday of November (the 17th) and in the process moved the location. Uh oh. I talked to Rob and said, "Can we on the third Saturday get me here instead of there?" The old location was more convenient based solely on this--I live at point A and the original location was point C with the studio where Rob needed to be being point B. A semi-straight but definitely convenient location for both of us. So we were still in the "Can we do this without over complicating his life/schedule on Saturdays?" when I got an email announcing that they are meeting on December 1. ??? Okay. Let's look at this objectively. I joined a group in September and Change # 1 the group gets reorganized without anyone telling me what is happening. Then Change #2 the location is changed. Rob and I are still trying to determine if that will work for him when Change #3 hits and now the time of month is changed. The problem is that I have completely lost confidence in the group. There are so many changes happening from one month to the next and it is so very difficult for Rob and I to coordinate things what with his schedule and my physical condition. Also, there is another group that meets on the first Saturday of the month (not a writing group) that I have wanted to participate in. So far I haven't been able to do so because they keep meeting in the evening, which is hard for me because even on a good day by the evening my vertigo wants me to stay home if not get back in bed altogether. There's still the writing group that meets every other Tuesday. I haven't been able to go since the first meeting. And with the umbrella group, I also have a writing group that meets every second Saturday of the month at the Borders on Cobb Pkwy. We met for the first time in October at a Starbucks but the venue was not as convenient as we had hoped. Borders was chosen as a better option and we met there in November and will meet again in December. On the second Saturday of the month, every month. And the location was the only thing that changed. Not the day of the week or time of day or time of month. I don't know. Maybe in my old age I like things to be simple but I do know that too many changes is simply too confusing for me.


  1. I like changes if it's for good/better cause...

    All the best to you..

  2. I am hoping that 2008 is a year of many positive changes for both of us.

  3. This confused me just reading it. My head is spinning. Maybe it's time to find another group, or start one.


  4. Ann

    We'll have to talk about why my creating a group is out of the question. But to put it as succinctly as possible, if I have to choose between giving my energy to motivate others to be passionate about their writing or sitting down at my desk and writing myself, I'll err on the side of selfishness every time. Mostly because I've tried to the former at least ten times and I no longer have the desire nor the energy to give myself so fully.