Thursday, November 29, 2007

In Which the Year is Coming to a Close and It is Time to Choose Last year Saila and I agreed to explore a single spirituality for six months. I believe that our time is already past when we should have finished what we were doing and moved onto the next but time is relative and I am still reading John of the Cross so I am not eager to leave Catholicism behind just yet. This is also not the best time to try to start something new. However, now is a good time to look at my option and make a commitment to one course of studies for the following six months. I have several options, all of which have merits and appeal. Some more than others. Buddhism mostly because I have accumulated so many books on Buddhism and recently grocked what a koan is. I have also noticed that a lot of the writers I admire, as it turns out, are Buddhist. Also, Rob has noticed that when I meditate it helps me cope better with my vertigo. I could easily approach Buddhism by taking my books and making a pile, working/reading my way through them, taking notes, as I have done with Catholicism. Yoga, specifically Tantric Yoga. Usually I approach my spirituality from an intellectual direction. Tantric Yoga is all about experience rather than intellect. Given that I am feeling very disconnected from my body because of the vertigo, exploring a spirituality that emphasizes this mind-body-spirit connection would be especially interesting. Again, Rob has noticed that when I do my yoga practices my vertigo is lessened. Choosing this path would stretch me both physically and spiritually. A Course in Miracles offers a merging of both worlds. Intellectual stimulation (through the writings of the Text and Manual) and experiential stimulation (through the workbook). It would be especially interesting to do this on the heels of rereading some of the Bible, remembering the traditional Christian teachings in light of newer interpretations. Also, the teachings about the body might be a blessing for me at this time and going into the new year. There are other paths I hope to explore--Islam and Mormonism both are of interest. But these are not as imperative as the previous three. Those feel like the right choices and now I have to feel my way into narrowing the three down to The One. Six months of commitment and if I wish to continue after those six months I shall. For now, I have a few weeks of journaling and meditating and thinking to do and I will make a choice before the end of 2007.

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  1. Well, I've decided not to look at Mormonism just yet because we have a lot of Mormon drama occurring in the midst of the Presidential candidates and I don't want to seem as though I'm jumping on a curiosity bandwagon.

    In my facebook I have a poll and so far Buddhism is in the lead with ACIM coming in second. Has the poll helped? Not especially. But I'm sure something will click soon.