Monday, December 10, 2007

In Which I Am About to Turn a Corner Today I see my new doctor with my new diagnosis in hand. Odds are this is just the beginning of a new round of tests, questions, and hopefully answers. And new treatments, now that I have cervical spondylosis I'll have to begin seeing rheumotologist or something along those lines. This is just one change that I am facing, obviously, but it may be the determining one, the largest one, the one that either ends this vertigo experience or resigns me to it. Either way today marks that turning point. More often the turning points in our lives are less obvious. We meet someone and don't know that they will be a kindred spirit friend beyond today and tomorrow. We pick up a random book and read never realizing that this book will be the catalyst to changing our careers or even your spiritual path. So many turning points happen without our knowing until years later. Others are clear. We become engaged, pregnant, go to college, graduate. Turning points. Today begins a new turning point for me regarding my health. My health which has compromised my life, my career, my well-being. Today. A new beginning.
Aries Horoscope for week of December 6, 2007 This would be an excellent time for you to visit terminally ill patients in a hospice or go on a tour of a maximum security prison. To take maximum advantage of the current cosmic opportunities, you might also travel to the Slum Theme Park in Americus, Georgia, where Habitat for Humanity has built replicas of the leaky-roofed, earthen-floored, bug-infested huts that so many millions of the world's poor call home. In other words, Aries, I recommend that you give yourself firsthand exposure to people whose problems are much more demanding than yours. To do so at this juncture in your life's journey would provide a helpful shock that would inspire you to conquer the personal challenge you find most daunting.


  1. thoughts to you on your new beginning.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Now that I have seen the new doctor, I am very hopeful. Hopeful for the first time in months.