Saturday, December 29, 2007

In Which I Finish Another Book
I picked up Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life at the library on a whim. I read it chapter by chapter, at first plodding along with the usual spiritual language that one finds in these texts. Then I got not only into the rhythm of the text but into the teachings of it. I kept wishing, as I read, that I owned a copy of the book, that I could write in the margins, that I could explore the text more fully, more slowly, at my own pace.
I have decided to focus my spiritual studies and practice on Buddhism beginning with the new year. If I were to choose to stay with Buddhism after the six months, this book would be a must have for my collection. I would want to fully explore the text in the same manner as I had done with the Bible. There is so much food for thought in this book that I am unable to even share a favorite quote or section. To do so would border on copyright infringement because I would have too much to share and not know how I could possibly begin to pick and choose the best.
This book has been the most inspiring and potentially life changing of the many books I have read this year. I will definitely look for more books by the translator (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso) and I confess that I am now most inclined to read Pema Chodron's No Time to Lose as a complement to what I have just now finished reading. Then again, there is probably good reason for me to not choose that path but to instead read about another aspect of Buddhism.

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