Friday, December 21, 2007

In Which I Was a Sandal But Have Moved Onto Something Sexier

Okay. So there is really nothing to say unless you want to hear all about my baking adventures as I bake cookies for our holidays.

A while ago I had found this rather expensive sandal which is called: Satia

Today I found something far better. A pair of satiny sexy pajamas called Satia.

I would love to own these. I truly would but for now I can settle for knowing that there is something sexy out there with my name on it.

Aries Horoscope for week of December 20, 2007

"Ambition is a bad excuse for not having enough good sense to be lazy," my ex-girlfriend Arlene used to say. She claimed to be a Zen master whose duty it was to deprogram me out of my absurd striving to make something of myself. She believed the key to enlightenment was to do nothing as much as possible. "You're egotistically attached to your identity as a poet," she'd yell into my room as I toiled over my writing. "Come out here and show me you have the spiritual guts to sit in front of the TV and lose your grandiose self in a meaningless game show." While I did eventually emerge from our relationship with an appreciation for the value of emptiness, it was not ultimately my destiny to downplay ambition. On the contrary! Which is why I'm
here to exhort you, Aries, to treat your desires as sacred rocket fuel -- in 2008, more than ever. In the coming months, in accordance with your astrological omens, I will intensify my efforts to supercharge your ambition.

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