Thursday, December 27, 2007

In Which It Still Hurts to Laugh

I am not exaggerating when I say that I laughed so much my ribs are hurting. We played Cranium WOW and there was so much laughter that I was hurting at the time. I knew that yesterday I would wake up still sore from how much we had all laughed but two days later I am still sore. Sheesh!

It was a lovely day. The children and I woke up later than usual. Rei was already making coffee and the two of us got the food and such set up just as Joe and Marc stumbled into the kitchen. We unwrapped our gifts and then broke up again. Rei settled down to watch her dvds. I made my bed and then lay down to rest a bit. The boys were hanging out in the great room and eventually took a nap.

Then the first of a stream of guests arrived. Thomas showed up and we were all hanging out a bit. Mostly I was lying down but Thomas did come in and talk with me a bit. Then Matt arrived and there was another layer of socialization happening. Thomas left but was soon replaced by my friend Rossana. It was pretty late in the afternoon at this point and I should have taken a nap but I didn’t. I forced myself to stay up and ended up making myself rather sick. Of course, this didn’t stop me from getting up hours later to play Cranium with the children. Rob came home just as we were getting ready to play.

We were up until 2am so needless to say yesterday I was in bed all day long. No need to cook because we still have much food left over from the buffet. I didn’t even take a shower. Not that I’ve done any sweating or work or anything to merit my getting stinky but showers are nice. I was just too dizzy to deal with one.

Today is another story, however. Ribs aching, I am going to do my morning yoga, spend some time writing quietly in my journal, then I definitely want to do some housework before jumping onto my bike and burning off some of the calories I shouldn’t have consumed on xmas day. Later I will collapse in my bed with a book or two or three but for now I need to get busy being busy with my day.

Aries Horoscope for week of December 27, 2007

When the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their fifth album Blood Sugar Sex Magick in 1991, it blasted them into rock stardom. They stopped performing at intimate nightclubs and appeared exclusively at large arenas. They won a Grammy, had a hit song at the top of the charts, and sold millions of records. Guitarist John Frusciante
freaked out at the success. As an indie artist intensely loyal to the underground sensibility, he was embarrassed to be in a band that had mainstream popularity. In the middle of the Chili Peppers' tour, he quit. You may very well have to deal with a comparable development in 2008, Aries. Will you opt to remain low-profile, as Frusciante did, or will you answer the invitation to get more professional?

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