Monday, December 24, 2007

In Which It's Christmas Eve

I woke up in pain, stiff from the baking, shopping, and wrapping of the weekend. A headache is pounding its way through my body and then it hits--a stabbing shooting pain through my leg and up into my abdomen and through my hips. Ahhhh . . . not only is it that time of year but apparently it's also that time of month. Someone just shoot me. It is not yet 9am. I've already made breakfast for Rob and sent him on his way to KY. I plan on putting the first Harry Potter movie on in the background, building up to our traditional Christmas Eve movie which this year is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And I have a house of chaos I now need to organize in time for tomorrow.

This has not been an easy holiday for me. The worst was a few years ago and last year came in pretty close as a second place bad. This year is close to bumping last year into third. But the holiday isn't here yet and I can do what I need to get done while still making tomorrow magical. The truth is, I should stay in bed today. I feel the vertigo and will push myself into greater sickness if I do too much. Perhaps when Marc gets back from his errand I can get him to help me with some of the housework. In the meantime, I think I will update this post throughout the day. Perhaps after every movie I'll take the time to say what I have and have not done. But first, food for me would be nice. It's cold. I want oatmeal, something warm in my tummy. Instead, cold cereal so I can use up the skim milk before it goes bad.

Later Ugh. Cramps. Ugh ugh ugh. Marc has gone to fetch his siblings and I am about to settle down to another round of gift wrapping. I cleared off the kitchen table for this purpose to hopefully reduce the strain on my already aching back. However, perspective being what it is I have been reminded that things are not as difficult as I had thought. A virtual friend of mine has recently suffered the loss of her home. I mean, literally within the last few hours everything she owned, including her home based business, was burnt to the ground. She and her children survived and while there is reason to rest and rejoice in this knowledge the truth is that her new year will be more of a "new beginning" than most of us will have to face in our entire lifetimes.

Later Still I had to scramble to get all of the gifts wrapped and ready because there was a slight snafu in scheduling due to Rei's schedule being changed which meant that everyone would be back home earlier than I had originally anticipated. The domino effect of this is that I completely forgot to first grab something for my pain and instead of stopping to take something I continued wrapping relentlessly. In other words, ow ow ow ow ow!

I am off to now put Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban into the hellivision and take something for the pain. I wish I could lie down for a bit but I foolishly did two loads of laundry which now need to be sorted and folded. Three guesses where the pile of clean clothes is currently falling over in despair, waiting to be neatened and put away . . . *sigh*

And all the more later The children and pizza have arrived. We have already eaten and Marc's laundry is in the dryer while Joe's is in the washer. The house is peculiarly quiet. I am about to put Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire into the dvd player but I am in desperate need of a nap. Methinks I shall fall asleep before the movie even begins to get exciting. Thankfully, I have been able to lie down and rest which is more than I had expected to do at this point. Able? More like did in spite of myself. I had things to do . . . I mean I have things to do but my body had other expectations and made its demands.

Later and later The children are off to look at houses that are decorated for the holidays. This is a family tradition, something we usually do together but because riding in a car makes my vertigo . . . Well, I am home and I'll take a shower while they are out having fun. Then when they return we will all have a cup of hot chocolate before settling down to watch the fifth Harry Potter movie. I am still not feeling the holiday spirit. Perhaps later . . .


  1. Peek-a-boo! I've been reading some of your older blog posts. It makes me very sad to read that you didn't have the same enthusiasm for the holidays during these few years that you've had for the 5...or is it 6 Christmases that I've been a part of this family. I know it's to be expected though, adjusting to the vertigo and such. It makes me wish I could have been there to help you get things ready.

    1. Ha. I forgot these older posts are a mess because blogger decided to remove all the formatting so there are no paragraphs.

      Learning to live with the vertigo was a challenge. This was my second holiday with it and there was so much to figure out. I think that was the year I had to lie down on Christmas day as well. People came and hung out with me, which was nice.

  2. It's funny, it shows up in paragraph form when viewing the comments but not when viewing the blog.

    I can only imagine what that was like. Christmas being your favorite holiday and then getting hit with this condition that makes it pretty much impossible for you to do things like you normally do (and I know it has changed some of the traditions that you guys had in place, even after you figured out how to cope with it). I can totally understand why it was so hard the first few years.

    I can certainly see a difference in the way you manage to live with it now from the way things were just a few years ago. When I first met you, I know it was hard for you to leave the house, especially if it meant being in a car. I'm sure it's still very difficult but I can tell that you do your best not to let it confine you anymore. Especially the last few months between starting school and dance performances and now holiday parties, I'm always afraid I'm asking too much of you but it means so much to me that you are willing to join us for these events, especially because I know it will affect you the next day. Seriously, if it becomes too demanding on how you are feeling, it's okay to decline. I know you want to be there but we would never hold it against you if it's too much.

    1. I take naps and I definitely know how to say no. I learned it from Rob. LOL!