Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Which I Finally Find HER!

Mary and I went out on Saturday to see Juno. We stopped at the bookstore first so I could get myself a cup of coffee. While there I bought Rob a travel mug (a spare so we won't have to worry about his one and only one being clean immediately) and a new lift log (because a certain puppy who shall remain nameless chewed up his old one while I was in the bathroom).

We had a good time talking about life and relationships, friendships and such. I managed to walk independently, not leaning on her at all although I bobbled a few times. And maneuvering the movie theater on the way out was a bit of a challenge but we had prime seats so it was worth the bit of hesitancy I was feeling as I headed down the dark stairs. The movie was delightful and reminded me too much of myself, I suppose. I have decided that the actress, Ellen Page, should play me in the story of my life when it is made into a movie. Unfortunately, I haven't written the book yet and by the time I do she will be older so I suppose if I were to write about the story of my life from when I was married she might still be young enough to play the role. And yes I realize she is older than she looks but anyone who knows me can say the same about me so she really is almost too perfect for the part.

We braved the harsh weather because it was actually snowing again on Saturday. Crazy. But pretty. One of the things Mary and I discussed is Snowdoll, our new puppy. Last year Mary invited a new puppy of her own into her life and home so she shared with me from her experience about how Lucy refused to let Jade not love her and how a new puppy will totally disrupt every bit of routine you have in your life. No kidding! I am still trying to figure out how to work my morning yoga into my morning and getting Romanov and Snowdoll to setttle down is more challenging than getting my children to settle down. (That is a total exaggeration, btw, because my children rearely gave me a moment of peace. I woud be thrilled when two took a nap at the same time, let alone all three!!!)

We both came out of the movie like the soundtrack. If I had a job I would probably make a point of buying it but I am being the responsible adult in my life and having to make conservative choices about how I will spend my money. *sigh* I hate being a grown up and really want this cd!!!

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