Thursday, January 03, 2008

In Which I Share a Prayer One of the things I said about Marianne Williamson's book The Age of Miracles is that there are some wonderful sound bites throughout, catchy little sections that would make wonderful inspiration cards. The book is sprinkled with prayers and I wanted to share one example from the book. Again, I think these would make lovely cards, perhaps something with a soft abstract background or even elegant lettering across a black and white landscape image.
Dear God, Resanctify my body, that it might be blessed. Pour forth Your spirit into my flesh. May every cell receive new life, and my physical self be healed and whole. Amen (36)
Aries Horoscope for week of January 3, 2008 Do you know what an expansion joint is? No, it's not slang for a marijuana cigarette you smoke in hopes of enlarging your worldview. Rather, it's an architectural term referring to the flexible sections that are built into a bridge or brick wall. These ensure that the structure can safely adjust as its construction materials expand and contract in response to changing weather and temperature. Since I expect that you will be building a new metaphorical edifice or renovating an existing one in 2008, I wanted to get you thinking about this. Expansion joints should be a key element in your plans. In fact, now is a perfect time to meditate on how to make them and where they will go.


  1. Satia, I believe this is the one & only Satia I knew from LiveJournal, right? This is Baronessvarla.

    I was rueing the day I fell out of touch with you not long ago & then a very strange thing happened. I was reading Janice Erlbaum's "Have You Found Her" when she mentions her step-sister, Satia, from Georgia. I almost fell out of my chair. It HAD to be the same person.

    I had to comment on Janice's blog about her upcoming book because it was so good, saw your name there, clicked it, et voila! Small world.

    Anyway, I hope you're doing well. My life has mellowed drastically. I have a gf of nearly 2 years, live in the suburbs & could not be happier.

    Drop me a line, if you'd like. :)


  2. Oh this is too too exciting!

    I am off to your LJ to comment and I love small worlds.

    No like. LOOOOVE!

  3. I saw your comments on Janice's blog....I wish you were my neighbor.. I would loan you my copy of Found Her...
    I was given one on Library thing...and am very grateful. found a new and wonderfully talented author..
    hang in there.. its worth it..

  4. Kath

    That is incredibly sweet of you but I can be patient. After all, I have so few virtues that the least I could do is try to live with one for a little while.