Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In Which I Think I've Been Claimed

I have always known that Romanov loves Rob far more than he loves me. When we first got Romanov I once bought him a small pink heart charm for his collar without Rob's knowing. On the charm I had printed


Rob and I teased one another about it for a while. Romanov doesn't love me as much as he loves you. He has a heart that says as much. Eventually I went and bought Romanov a slightly larger red heart charm that read


Romanov wore these along with his "IF LOST" and rabies tags for a while but even I, with my rather manic love of bells and all things that jingle, had to concede that four dangling charms was really two too many.

Flash forward seven years later and here we are with Snowdoll who needs collar charms of her own. Is it any surprise that I immediately had two hearts made for her. On the red one I put the lost information and on the smaller pink heart I put

R & S

It was not until I did this that Rob and I realized that the puppies have our initials. Awwwww. And the male is R and the female S. Awwwww. Only problem is that in the dog relationship the male is older. Oh well. We almost had it perfect but I guess it would a little too sickening if we had it perfectly coordinated. Yes, too sickening even for me and Rob, the quintessential sickeningly sweet couple.

Which brings me to the realization that Snowdoll maybe loves me a little more than Rob. Shhhhh . . . don't tell him. Why do I say this? Today when Rob and Romanov were hanging out in the living room where all the dog toys and chew bones are gathered, I went to the room where I keep my recumbant bike. Snowdoll followed but I figured she would leave to rejoin the others as soon as she grew bored with my sitting and spinning my feet. Instead, she curled up safely under the bike and stayed until I was done.

Further evidence--I went to talk to Marc and both dogs followed (naturally) but Snowdoll, when I stopped in the doorway, stopped to stand not only before me but then she leaned back into me. A very clear "this is mine" move that dogs will do when they are owning their pack. (There is an amusing Romanov story that has to do with a dog leaning on me and I'll save it for some other time.)

And the evidence piles as I sit here with a Snowdoll lying at my feet where Romanov usually lies. She saw an opening and took her position.

This is a video of the two of them, Romanov and Snowdoll, gnawing away. Romanov beneath his daddy's legs and Snowdoll on what used to be Romanov's big pillow. I think Romanov has surrendered his princely position in favor of the more aggressive and pointy toothed puppy.


  1. Somehow I think Rob and I are doomed to be a cute couple in spite of ourselves.

  2. We are so thrilled that Snowdoll has found such a wonderful family that obviously loves her tremendously! I'll make sure to show Christopher the post!

    Take care,


  3. Leann

    I know you are going to smile when you read this but today Snowdoll broke the ring that holds the charms on her collar. I think we may be buying her yet another new collar. LOL!

    That said, she also tried my patience today but she's still trying to figure out where I fit in the heirarchy of her new pack and I had to alpha dog her a bit.

    Then again, she learned to ring the bell on the door today and we only put the bell up for her yesterday. I coudln't be more thrilled. She's smart. Very smart. That's part of the blessing and curse of a Siberian Husky. The smarter they are, the more they like to question authority.

    I'll have to write about her licking. She and Romanov are so different. Friday look for a licking post. :)