Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In Which I Write About the Other Blogs and then some . . . I have several blogs at this time. Satia's Journal is the one you are reading now. Here is where I post book reviews and random things like horoscopes. I don't write anything of any real depth. But it's fun and easy. Satia's 101 Things List (with the related Satia's Progress) Nothing much to say about these. I haven't updated my progress much which is a shame and I plan on being more thorough in the coming weeks/months. In the meantime, they are there. Satia's Dreams in which I write out my dreams. I post most of them except for the really perverse ones and those I don't post mainly because I would rather not get some person doing some random search and finding my blog. Besides who wants to read about bloody . . . well, never mind. If I type it out here then someone may find this blog and meander over there in hopes of finding some masturbatory inspiration. Satia's Wellbeing is the blog I created in connection with a conference that has since come and gone. I was still too sick to go and I can only hope that there will be another conference. In the meantime, I have decided to put the blog on hiatus. Not delete it entirely. There may be another conference and, if there is, I want to be ready to blog about it and help in any capacity that I can. Satia's Body Blog is supposed to be where I track my exercising, weight, health. I haven't found a rhythm that I like for this blog yet and am still working on making it work. I may dump it altogether if I can't get it together but I haven't given up on it . . . yet. Also, I have been posting in wisdomology . . . mostly linking back to my own blogs or just posting quotes from what I am reading and creating gratitude circles. Nothing significant. It as made me wonder about creating a blog that focuses on my spirituality, especially given that I am devoting myself to a new spiritual discipline beginning this month--Buddhism. Given that in July I will begin a different spiritual path. I am tempted to create a new blog top focus on this experience--Satia's Spirituality. I hesitate only because it seems so boring to share this and I'm unconvinced that anyone else would be interested. Finally, I have a facebook in which I play with my fluff, create random polls, and keep an ongoing list of books read. I tend to link back to this blog for the reviews. I prefer it to myspace and other networking websites because it is more anonymous. I rarely get personal messages through facebook and I think I like it that way. All of this by way of saying although I don't usually post more than once in this blog, I always seem to post more than once. All this and I'm still debating the purpose of creating one more blog. Yes or no? I'm not sure. Perhaps I could create a poll in facebook but since the people who read this blog are not necessarily the same people I have connected with through facebook I guess I'll not do that and just debate it endlessly until I eventually make a decision.

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