Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Which I Write About Puppiessssss!

Today I looked at the paperwork that came with the puppy and realized that her name is Snowdoll, not Snowball. Ummm . . . now the question is do we change her name to what the paperwork says or do we call her what we’ve been calling her?

She has been here, a part of our family, for only a week and already she has claimed her sleeping territory. Like Romanov, when she is ready for bed she walks to her sleeping place and just plops down. No need to wait for the humans to go to bed.

And she is doing better with the housebreaking process. We have had two nights with no accidents and she is very good about using the puppy pads we’ve spread in the areas she most likes to use. It also helps that she knows where she goes “outside” and she now will walk over to the door and expect us to read her puppy mind.

In fact, we have begun putting down fewer pads for her so her area is already getting smaller and hopefully we will have no more reason to have pads anywhere.

We’ve had to put both into the crate while we went out. I don’t know if Romanov has howled while we are out but we did notice that he doesn’t bark at us (one or two serious woofs, usually) as we are walking out the door. I am hoping that they are snuggling down together and just taking the time to sleep. I am thrilled to say that there are no accidents when we get home and both have eagerly run to the door to go outside as soon as we get home.

There is still some learning to do. I let them utterly exhaust me yesterday but Rob showed me that this was partially my own fault and I can make them lie down. I have also been able to do my yoga in the morning. Snowball has even learned that this is a part of “our day” and she will lie down either under the coffee table (aka the puppy table) or near Romanov.

I am a little worried about her sneezing. She has been sneezing lately and I don’t know if she is unwell or just a “natural” sneezer. I’ve checked her nose and eyes—wet and cold and bright and clear. I think she’s okay and just . . . well, sneezy.

Oh yes . . . and she’s now officially on solid food, no rice. Yaaaaay! And of course, pics and then some!!!

Snowball made me bleed but I forgave her.

Romanov thinks Snowball is fascinating and watches her a lot.

We call this "The Turtle." It is one of her favorite lying down positions.

And this is a video of her gnawing on a piece of rawhide.

And last but not least, she is no longer wearing the harness. We kept it on her for a sense of her own security. On Friday we bought her a brand new collar. I'd show you her tags but Marc took a picture of them and still hasn't emailed them to me. Anyway, by Saturday afternoon the collar was broken. So we went back to the store and replace it because obviously the first one was defective. Or so we thought because by Sunday she'd broken that one. She now has a purple mesh one which we will replace with a leather collar later, when she is less hard on them. (I am eyeballing a very snazzy red patent leather one with a dangling rhinestone heart. I think it will look very pretty on her.)


  1. Cute Husky puppy! I suggest you get a buckle collar, if she keeps breaking them, with NO hangy down tags. Our Husky chewed her tag up--yes even on her collar!

  2. Happily, her latest collar seems to be lasting so I think we are okay. Eventually she will settle down, mature into the same calmness that Romanov has found.

    At least that is our hope. LOL!