Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Which I'm Too Tired to Write

Learn from the mistakes of others.
You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote amuses me. My initial response, "But I sure can have some fun trying." However, I have come to know that experience is limited. From my experience, dogs are exuberant, gregarious, and very intelligent. From my experience, marriages don't work. From my experience, having children is fulfilling and frustrating.

But there are dogs in the world that are not friendly let alone frisky and some are downright dumb. And I have observed that marriage can and does work but observation is not experience. And we all know that not everyone is blessed by having had children in their lives. There are some people who are actually happier never having had any children.

I tend to offer advice with the caveat "from my experience" to suggest that this is only my experience. My opinion is often drawn on both my experience and my observation and even that is very limited. But I'm learning. I'm at least trying to learn.

Yesterday I cleaned off the table in the kitchen. It started out looking like this.

Now the reason it is such a mess is simple: Every time Snowdoll found something new to play with, I would dump it on the kitchen table. This included the pile of books I used to keep by the bed (my reading and to-be-read pile), random articles of clothing, and the bags with magazines to be recycled and for shopping. (Yes, Rob and I try to use canvas bags for shopping. He forgets more often than I.)

After, there is a stack of magazines for me to sort through (and recycle), a cup of candy canes, a few books standing up (to be given away), a lit candle (I love lit candles), and a few other random things. It is not cleared off because I am making it my new office area mostly because Snowdoll insists that the kitchen is the place for her to lie down in her turtle pose. At least from the kitchen table I can keep an eye on her.

Next I should clean off my desk but that can wait until next week. I'm not currently using it because my computer dominates the space and my computer is still not talking to my keyboard.

Have you ever been so tired that you fall asleep and start to snore before you actually get deep enough in the sleep to sleep through the snoring? When Rob came home for lunch I said, "I need to lie down" and for thirty minutes I kept startling myself with my snoring. In other words, I did not sleep well or much at all. He was sweet when he left, settling the dogs down in the room before closing the door behind him and heading out of the house. Unfortunately, they both stood when they heard him leave. Romanov settled back down again but Snowdoll was not having any of it. She jumped onto the bed and lick lick licked me. When I suggested she lie down she barked at me. I just closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep.

Then she rang the bell. *sigh* I had no choice but to get up and open the door because we are trying to teach her that ringing the bell will tell us she needs us to open the door. She immediately went to the back door and rang the bell there. So less than five minutes after Rob left, we three were back outside. I am so exhausted. Not sure why today I should be more tired than usual but I am and I can lay the blame at the eight paws of certain family members who shall remain nameless.

Aries Horoscope for week of January 31, 2008

The Onion newspaper reported on a South Carolina man who was so grateful for what God had done in the previous week that he put an extra $5 in the collection
plate at church on Sunday. Brad Thaden was especially pleased with the nice weather and how well his kids had behaved. I expect that by February 18, Aries, you too might feel the urge to give Supreme Being a tip, or do whatever the equivalent might be in your world. Among the extra perks you could be blessed with: a deeper connection with a resource you've wanted to be closer to; the heating up of a promising alliance; a social upgrade that will make you feel more at home in the world; and a vision of where to go next with your ambitions.

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