Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Which Rob and I Finally Dance

One of the things I am supposed to do for my physical therapy is slow dance with Rob. The one other time we did he just hummed for a little while and then stopped. I know that everyone who has ever received a neck massage from a guy knows what happened. He started and just about the time it got good he stopped. So I said that we had to find a slow song to dance to and said he should pick. He said I should pick because he listens to loud, grrrr music. Okay. I suggest he at least narrow down the artists for me. I mean, he's right. I do listen to more mellow music than he does but if he names a few artists it would make the final choice that much easier. He finally went into the great room and grabbed the first cd he could--Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. He hits play and the first song that comes up is Why Do Fools Fall In Love? "Is this going to be our song now?" He shushed me (!) and then we tried to slow dance to this happy bee bopping song. We could not find a rhythm which I am sure was partially my fault as I kept bouncing during the refrain. Then Romanov got involved and excited by our giggling so much. He started "air humping" but was interrupted by Snowdoll who bounded and pounced upon him. Luckily the song was over by then but it was a rather ludicrous attempt at a slow dance. I have a theory that the only reason Rob finally got around to slow dancing with me is that he's afraid of my physical therapist. Last week I NARC'd him out and told her he hadn't danced with me even one time. Now I can't say he didn't dance with me but the truth is . . . he sure did wait until the last minute since I'm supposed to see her this afternoon. She keeps assuring me that she is not a sadist but if even Rob is afraid of her, who would you believe?


  1. "He started and just about the time it got good he stopped."

    ... the same could be said for sex sometimes!

  2. *giggle*

    I thought the same thing when I wrote it and almost wrote that parenthetically but decided against it for some reason.