Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Which Rob and I Share Our Lust

It is not what you think. Rather, I was going through the mail yesterday and there was a sales circular from Target and when I flipped through I saw two things I thought Rob might like. Now let me explain that Rob and I often see things we like but when the other person looks the response is not exactly enthusiastic. It isn't that we necessarily loathe what the other person adores but we aren't always mutually excited. Unfortunately, mutual or not, I am unemployed so these things will remain unpurchased by the two of us. Nevertheless, here is what we both thought would look nice in our home.


  1. Why is target the BEST PLACE EVER? Thanks for your comment (good catch on the "novel" thing). You're gonna love the book!

  2. Yes it is! The best and worst thing that could happen to me did just before xmas when I was given a line of credit there. Now the temptation to spend is increased exponentially.

    As soon as I read it I'll be writing about it in my blog so feel free to pop back in to see what I thought although I am biased in its favor and already know I'll love it.