Friday, February 15, 2008

In Which It's That Time Again

Yes, it is Friday so I will be writing about puppies but first the quote of the week.

The same glass of wine can
accompany dinner, or communion.
Laura Day
The Circle: How the Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life

Yes, I wrote perhaps the most scathing review of my blogging experience. However, I did find a few (three) quotes and this is one that I especially liked. In context (ie. as it is read within the book itself) the meaning of this quote is different from how I am sharing it. And the comma after dinner is actually how it appears in the text. If I were using this quote in a paper I would have to insert [sic] but this is my blog and instead I can ramble about it.

Anyway, why I chose this quote today is simply the elegant notion that everything can either be profound or mundane depending not only on its context but also in how we experience everything. A sip of wine can be an opportunity to escape life in the blur of inebriation. A sip of wine can be a lovely compliment to a well prepared meal. A sip of wine can be the unifying experience of flesh with divinity. The wine itself has no meaning beyond what we give to it. When blessed, the sharing of wine is sacred.

Everything in our lives, every moment and every experience is an opportunity for sharing in something sacred. It depends on how we choose to live the moment. Every moment. Even this moment.

This is a picture of Christopher holding his webkin Snowdoll. Christopher is the generous soul who gave Snowdoll into our keeping and let us adopt her into our family. Snowdoll, I am convinced, is trying to make me a little crazy. I believe she and Romanov are in cohoots to disrupt my life as much as possible. And they are successful.

Today is a perfect example. They were running to and fro, from great room to bedroom, slip sliding through the kitchen. I had the foolish hope that maybe they would burn off enough puppy energy that I might actually be able to do my yoga this morning earlier than I have been. After Rob left for the day, I kept them moving and busy as I moved about doing laundry, cleaning up, and going from room to room with the two of them bounding together behind me.

I hear the bell. Aha! Snowdoll wants to go out. But wait! The sound of the bell is coming closer to me. As is Snowdoll who, apparently, has taken the bell from the door and is carrying it around with her. So now there is no way for her to signal she wants to go outside but that's okay. She was using it to announce she already relieved herself and now wanted to go outside and celebrate anyway. The bell being on the door for her to signal to us was not as effective as I had hoped.

Look at this face! Do you know how hard it is to be angry with this face? Very very hard. It is so funny to see the differences in the two puppies. Romanov does not kiss lightly. In fact, Rob and I have been known to torture him. He will come and tell us he needs to go outside by nudging us.

Romanov: *nudge* *nudge* *nudge*
Rob: Do you want to go outside?
Romanov: *yelp*
Rob: Give me a kiss.
Romanov: *bounds to the door and looks back*
Romanov: *realizes Daddy is not following and bounds back*
Romanov: *nudge*
Rob: Give me a kiss.
Romanov: *brings his nose close to Rob's face but does not kiss him*
Romanov: *bounces away as if he gave a kiss*
Romanov: *looks back and realizes that Daddy was not fooled*
Romanov: *bounds back and woofs*
Rob: Kiss me.

This can actually go on quite a while. Snowdoll, on the other hand, will kiss kiss kiss until a whole layer of skin has been licked off your face! In the morning she will nudge her face into mine and press her nose into my cheek. She will then lick lick lick where her nose was. This is how she kisses. Nuzzle with her nose and then lick wherever her nose went. When she is especially enthusiastic she will nibble with her tiny little very sharp puppy teeth. Nibble nibble nibble.

So Romanov kisses are few and far between and Snowdoll's kisses are enthusiastic and frequent.

Snowdoll is not the only mischief maker, however. This morning, given the high energy activity of the dogs, I was looking forward to their settling down for their morning nap. Finally, not even as early as I had hoped, Snowdoll collapsed into her turtle sleeping pose and Romanov was quietly gnawing on his bone. I hoped he would stop gnawing and finally sleep himself but no such luck.

I surrendered, figuring that it wasn't that big a deal. After all, Romanov knows that when Mommy is on the yoga mat he can lie down quietly and not worry about my wandering off into another room. I was only minutes into my routine when I heard the click click click of Romanov moving around. I peeked and Snowdoll was still collapsed but Romanov was moving around. I assumed he would just lie down under the coffee table (aka the puppy table) and watch me do my yoga as he did before Snowdoll came into our lives.

That was not in Romanov's agenda, however. Instead, he kept wandering around click click click. He sniffed Snowdoll who didn't response. Click click click. Then he did a full body shake, complete with the jingle jangle of his dog tags. Then more click click click.

Eventually the inevitable happened and Snowdoll lifted her head to figure out why Romanov wason the move. As soon as she lifted her head Romanov click click clicked his way over to where he would sigh down onto the floor. She sat up wondering why he was no lying down instead of walking around as he had been before. She noticed that Mommy was on the yoga mat which, in her mind, means it's time to get up and start playing because everyone is on the floor.

In other words, Romanov set her up because sure enough she got up and wanted to play. I, however, did not get upset with her. Why not? Well, aside from the obvious (see the picture above!) I knew that Romanov had cleverly disrupted her sleep knowing it would disrupt my yoga and I would be forced to once again play with them, take them outside, smear peanut butter into their hollow bone, etc.

Sneaky Romanov trying to get Sweet Snowdoll into trouble. I guess he doesn't know that she is quite capable of getting herself into trouble without his help. After all, Rob has had the big brown pillow for eighteen years. He graciously gave it to Romanov so that he wouldn't have to sleep on the hard wood floor. After over eighteen years of survival it took Snowdoll only one month to gut the pillow and make a tremendous mess throughout the living room while I was distracted with doing laundry and using the bathroom. I tell you, leave them alone for even a moment and they can get into all sorts of trouble no matter how innocent they may appear to be.


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Christopher likes to check every Friday to see if there is a message from Snowdoll. Again, I am so thrilled that you are Snowdoll's mom.

    take care,


  2. Leann, Sorry there's nothing new this week. I have a few boring photos but I'm tryng to catch something on video. Once I have that then I'll have a post ready. Fingers crossed, next week!