Friday, May 02, 2008

Spring Into Summer

We went from almost having a spring to practically dealing with the summer. It isn't quite that hot, really, but you can't tell it by the dogs who are clearly overwhelmed by the heat. Speaking of which, we have yet to know if that is the only reason Romanov is sleeping so close to Snowdoll. (BTW, Snowdoll and I both have overcome our tummy issues.)

The big surprise is that our rose bush has resurrected itself. Last year it bloomed a bit but then seemed to simply give up completely. Rob cut it back, in a brutal even ruthless manner. Neither of us had much hope of its surviving the winter or breaking into bloom. Yet, it did. Or is. One small rose is making an attempt at giving the entire plant a reason to hope.

When my mother first came to visit me one year I warned her about Atlanta traffic. Mind you, she knows traffic. New York City and New Jersey both have traffic you have to factor into every outing. But I explained to her that I wasn't talking NY traffic. Not even NJ traffic. This traffic goes above and beyond typical traffic. It is not unusual to hear a report that there is a traffic on the interstate because there are cows in the way. This is what happens when you transport cows along the interstate, obviously. Then there is the issue of the chickens. Should a chicken delivery truck overturn then the hopefully frozen chickens have to be moved to the side of the road where they will begin to rot and stink--especially if it is summer--long before they are cleared away. Worse is if the chickens are alive because although you don't have to worry about rotting meat on the roadside, chickens scare easily and the result is a slippery road because chickens literally get scared shitless.

After a while, you get used to these ridiculous occurrences and you think, "Only in Georgia." What I cannot begin to explain is how a zebra was hit on I-75. I mean, at least chickens, cows and horses are indigenous but zebras? Zebras . . . with an s because this is the SECOND zebra to get lost on the interstate.

(I should probably mention that a man fell off the back of a pickup truck on I-20 and was hit. He's going to survive. So is the zebra. I still want to know why zebras are wandering around GA. That is far more interesting to me than some unbuckled fool falling off a typical vehicle.)

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  1. The really crazy part is that the zebra in this photo was found on I75 back in April but there was another zebra that was hit on I75 yesterday. Thankfully the second zebra is fine but it still makes me wonder why the zebras are wandering the interstate in the first place.