Sunday, June 01, 2008

Reiki Ramblings

In most Asian practices, tracing one’s lineage is an essential part of passing along the teachings. This is true of Reiki. Here is my lineage, as given to me by my Reiki Master Brad Dixon:
Mikao Usui Chujiro Hayashi Hawayo Takata Phyllis Furumoto John Lacks Annie Star Cynthia Rose-Young Adrienne N Cobb Claudia Storms Amy Weeks Brad Dixon Satia Renee
I would like very much to move towards the Master level of Reiki. However, I do not wish to do so until I have had more experience with giving Reiki to other people. It is a dilemma because it isn’t like I can tie anyone down and make them lie there while can give them Reiki. On Tuesday, I set up the massage table. I thought maybe seeing it in the great room would encourage the other members of the household to slow down and let me give them Reiki. In the meantime, as a part of my winnowing out books from my life, I have one on Reiki that I want to read and then send to my mother. Ultimately, I think I’ll end up with two books on Reiki. The Japanese Art of Reiki and Reiki for Dummies so far are the most useful resources I have found. Aside from my manual, which I received when I was attuned, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more Reiki books.

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