Friday, June 20, 2008

Sleep and the Lack Thereof

Quote of the Week
The act of listening is a form of giving.
David F Vennells
Beginner’s Guide to Reiki

Woo Woo has been waking us up twice a night for nearly a week. And she’s had two “accidents,” meaning she sneaked off and did what she wanted to do before running into the bathroom and putting herself into time out.

Imagine your child sneaking into a room and doing something naughty, something they know they are not supposed to do, and by the time you catch them they are already sitting in the corner in time out. It is very hard to punish a child who is already punishing themselves. At least with a child you can reason with them. Albeit, even with a child reasoning is easier said than done. However, you can communicate with the child and say, “You know what you did was naughty. That’s why you came over here, isn’t it?”

But funnier is the fact that she is trying to take Romanov’s place at my feet when I am sitting at my desk. There is usually no conflict if Rob is home because she will simply plop herself down near Rob but when Rob leaves it is not unusual for her to say good-bye and then immediately dash to the desk and plop down before Romanov has a chance to get settled in there himself.

And I don’t even have to be sitting at my desk doing anything. She is just that bound and determined to have the place for herself.

But most of the time she is curled up in her corner. This is her primary sleepy place. It is in the bedroom and whenever we say, “Okay. It’s bedtime. Time to go to bed,” she will trot trot trot her way into the corner and plop herself down. Romanov lumbers in a little more slowly, walking over to the other side of the room and doing what dogs normally do before lying down—turning first in one direction, then the next, circling thrice before lowering himself. When we take them out for a walk in the middle of the night, Snowdoll returns to her favorite spot and Romanov gradually returns to his own.

Romanov never ever plops. Nor does he slide. I have never seen him do the turtle nor does he lie down like a sphinx. Rob disagrees with me on this last position, saying that this is a dog position but Joe saw her lying like that, with her rear legs on either side of her and her front paws stretched out in front, her head lifted and curious, and he immediately said, “Nice imitation of a sphinx, Snoodle.”

Oh yeah. The boys have given her the nickname Snoodle. This reinforces my theory that there’s more than one puppy personality in there because we all seem to be giving her a plethora of puppy names. Thankfully, she comes when we call “Snowdoll.” Well, she comes most of the time. Okay. Mostly she comes when we have treats for her.

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