Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Another Friday

According to California geology professor Lee Silver, the samples [taken from the first moon landing], "showed more about the first third of the solar system history than we ever got about studying the earth. The moon turned out to be the best source of insight."

I received this in an email newsletter (Daily Celebrations which is a misnomer because I don’t get them daily). I have been thinking a great deal about the concept of living outside myself and I hope that as I write this I can find the words that will adequately communicate what I am thinking. I have known several people who are, by nature, pessimistic. No matter how good their lives may be, they are always depressed. Whether employed or looking for work, they are miserable. Although they are physically attractive, they have painful relationships. No matter how successful they are, nothing is enough to make them consistently happy with themselves or their lives. And they want more than anything else to have someone listen to them talk about their unhappiness. So I listen. I don’t offer words of advice or tell them what I think, about how sometimes one choice leads to another, that repeated failures are not always our own fault, or even how often we can choose to see something as a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I want to tell them to get outside of themselves for a little while and really look around them. Nobody is free from suffering or pain. We all struggle with it, trying to define ourselves in spite of our circumstances. Nobody is really free from self-recrimination or judgment. All of us want to feel and be loved. What I want to say is that sometimes, to really see ourselves, we have to be open to seeing someone else, to love ourselves we have to truly love someone else. To have peace we must give peace and this chaos that some people constantly feel, in spite of their personal blessings, is so heartbreaking. And sometimes I just want to shake them. Or do what Cher did to Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck after he professed that he loved her. She hauled back and smacked him hard across the face. Twice. And then said, “Snap out of it.” I want to say that the best thing that these people, that I, can do is just stop talking and listen. Go out into the world and listen to someone else’s pain for a little while. Or maybe volunteer for a cause about which you truly care, whether it is political or social or whatever. What I want to say is that sometimes to understand, love, and be at peace with yourself you have to give yourself away.

And here is a video, a soft and lovely song full of anger. I love the honesty of this--Ani DiFranco.

I share this video aware that the person I would most want to see and listen to it will probably never do so . . . and still . . . sometimes getting angry is the first step to healing so if you are out there and you see this I give you permission to be angry.

Aries Horoscope for week of July 17, 2008

After studying your astrological omens for the upcoming weeks, I got really excited. There was so much I wanted to tell you. I popped a chunk of organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free, espresso-tinctured chocolate in my mouth and sat down to type an extravagant message. Maybe it was because I was overly pumped up, but in the next moment I accidentally swallowed the candy whole. What a waste! I'd gotten none of the bliss of sliding it around my tongue and mouth. But I recognized this apparent bad luck as a sign of what I needed to tell you: Don't get so worked up about the oncoming pleasures that you engorge them whole without even tasting them.

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