Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Puppy of the Day: G

Rob has explained to me that, if I name the puppies, I will become attached to them. So, after much debate, we are giving them letters of the alphabet for names. This seems, on the surface, rather impersonal. But Rob and I both love music and why not name them according to the music scale?

Without further ado, I introduce G.

G was the last born puppy, the one that was not quite cleaned as thoroughly because mommy was so exhausted. But he is all clean now. And yes, he is a boy. His facial markings are much like Romanov's so it is safe to say that he will look much like his daddy.

Except that he's brown, which is why G used to be called Brownie. G is very good at trying to escape and I would be surprised if he were not the first or second to get out of the box. G can be very noisy when he is hungry and wanting to find something to eat.

But most of the time he spends wandering the perimeter of his box, plotting his inevitable escape. That is, when he isn't using his sibling for a pillow during a nap.

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