Sunday, August 24, 2008

And Two More Say Goodbye

With the family's permission I am sharing this, a painting done by the "mommy" . . . a portrait of the "daddy."
It grew harder and harder to let them go, regardless of how confident I may have felt about the love the puppy would receive.
When I was told that C, aka Junpei, would now be called Sasha I was thrilled. I know that it was not "all about me" but it was so nice to know that the puppy they carried home would carry a name so close to my own.
I was not home when the final puppy left our home. Formerly Wrinkles, aka Panda/Teddy Bear, left with her family. Her name is now Pinky and she will be loved because there are so many people there to give her love.
When I came home I saw the emptiness, listened to the silence, lay down . . . and fought not to cry. I failed. The tears rise with the kind of relentless that comes with grief. And that is what this is--a small loss. The puppies are in the world and they will grow beautifully and become as wonderful as their mommy and daddy.
PS: Saila, be sure to click the link to the painting and read the bio. *hugs*

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