Sunday, August 24, 2008

Because I Never Thought About It

One of the new families asked about the puppies' sleeping patterns. I realized that I have no clue because when there are seven of them, some are up, some are down, some are playing, some are just lying around quietly watching. It's hard to say with any certainty. There are only two here and although they will both be gone I can at least track the puppy pattern for the first part of the day. 7am: Puppies were up and playing a bit by the time I finally left the bed. 8am: Puppies have eaten and are playing. 9am: They are still playing, running around, jumping up on one another, dragging toys from one room to another. 10am: Are they finally settling down? Maybe. 11am: Puppies were both asleep by 10:15 and are still sleeping. 12pm: Puppies are still asleep. 1pm: Puppies are awake with a vengeance. They have been up for 30 minutes and are running all through the house. 2 pm: The puppies have collapsed. Both are sound asleep. 3 pm: One puppy has gone home and the other, after getting more attention from the family that was taking home her sibling, fell asleep. I left the house at this point but odds are, all things considered, she would have slept until the evening, around 6pm when she would have wanted something to eat. Then she would have run around, played, done the usual damage that puppies seem insistent upon doing, and then she would have fallen asleep. Some time around 10 or 11 she (and her siblings) would be up and playing again but settle down fairly quickly. Add in one or two wake ups in the night, depending on how well everyone was sleeping, and repeat. The day in the life of the puppies. This post will be edited throughout the day.

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