Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally! Introducing Sarah

Sarah was our last (but not least) puppy. Formerly known as D/Diamonds/Marita, Sarah's new home is ideal for such a sweet natured little girl.
A father came with his son and daughter. Although they really had no choice of puppy because all of the others had been claimed, I immediately felt the rightness of Sarah joining their home. He wants a dog for his family when he is not there and you can't go wrong with Siberian Husky for companionship.
He knows someone with a husky so he's aware of all the challenges involved in raising one and the more he said about why he wanted a puppy for his family, the more I wanted to say "You can take her now." Unfortunately, the puppies were not ready to go home yet but hopefully soon Sarah will be with the family where she belongs.

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